Saturday, August 16, 2014

Billy Beane,Joe Lacob..self defeating individuals.

You wont read any sports writer telling the truth about Beane-man. They fear his ire. I laugh at it- ha. And ha again.
You see,Beanes psychology make up is now obvious. He has some inbred desire to not win a championship. No matter what it takes..Beane fails. The A's in postseason, using Beane's philosophy on hitting,pitching,and lineups..guarantee a loss long before they ever even reach the World Series. It sounds unbelievable until you realize that Beans gave away the A's feared slugger for a few Beans (wins). No pressure,no fans wanted it..and yet Beane compulsively felt the need to give away Cespedes. And what does Beane say on Thursday?- no lie- "Our middle of the lineup isn't picking us up"..not an exact quote,but the gist. And of course,you and I know..that was Cespedes spot. Beane couldn't be more Freudian.
If it took giving away the A's best hitter to derail the team? Beane was going to do it.
I don't know what his upbringing was..but good enough is all Beane can handle..he fears greatness. And if he has to make the biggest blunder since the Pirates letting Barry Bonds going to the Giants..he will.

Joe Lacob? He had the makings of the Warriors greatest team since 1975 in his hand. And then he rejected it for mediocrity. The 2014-15 Warriors don't scare anybody,will never be more then a win streak better then average...followed by win one,lose one, schedule. Jerry West as an adviser has been a bust. Its so obvious he had a unhealthy opinion of Klay Thompson because he saw himself in Klay. Ironic,because Klay's own father thought it would have been a good trade for the Warriors to deal his son for Kevin Love.
Joe says he started 50 companies? Must have been because the first 49 failed. OR,he has a knack for using other peoples money through connections- wink-wink.
If success is just based on Money then Joe and Billy are a failure compared to Bill Gates. If success is World Championships,then Joe and Billy are failures compared to Sabean and Al Attles. They grabbed the brass ring..Joe and Billy just want to see how close they can get to what is self made- untouchable to them.  Ask their therapists why.
Beane is King of west titles. That's his level. And he keeps to it.
Lacob is good at starting things. After that,he's lost. Or mediocre.