Saturday, August 9, 2014

Drinking Coke out of my 1981 Raiders plastic mug.

A few weeks ago I found an old Raiders cup in some box that was lying around in the garage. So ,I put it back in the rotation since I cant think of anything less sports collectible than a 1981 Raiders schedule plastic mug. It even has under the schedule ads for Dr. Pepper, "Be a Pepper!". Oh yeah,that old chestnut.
As best as I can recall,It came from an Arco gas station as a free giveaway with a tank of gas. Can you imagine gas stations now giving you ANYTHING?..they charge for air!. So,how come back then it was good business to have giveaways and contests by gas stations,and now that they make mega trillions of dollars, they give you nothing?
I wonder how the 1981 season went?