Thursday, August 14, 2014

I know who can build a new Oakland Complex...

John Fisher.  His worth is at least THREE BILLION DOLLARS.  He could build out of his own pockets a new stadium for his team,and have TWO BILLION DOLLARS LEFT OVER.  Now,if you are on old codger like John? Cant you live on 2 billion over your last decade of life or so? Isn't that enough for inheritance? Yes,it is..for another five centuries of Fishers.
Its a disgrace to hear the wealthy like Fisher and Wolff to say that anything is too costly. And to have sycophants like Mark Purdy and the rest of the SJ Mercury pleading for somebody to build a stadium for John is pure audacity and greed.
The local media as far as I know has never even contacted the A's owner. NO interviews...he's a good scammer,laying low,using influence to keep sports editors from bothering him. And they obey.