Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lincecum can't throw,Posey cant tag..

It was yet another pathetic and embarrassingly bad tag on a runner scoring today- or no tag as Posey stepped away with his phobia fear of contact. The Giant's just wont face reality..Posey was at best an average catcher who now will let the winning run score with no trouble. It could be the WS and Posey will dance away in the 9th of the 7thegame. Local sportswriters are Posey's wet nurse..they say nothing. Our pathetic bay area media once again.
Lincecum? a 88mph fastball isn't going to cut it. He has himself to blame..his off field "hobbys" that created huge weight losses also ruined him as a force in baseball. He could have been an all timer..but he chose to take it for granted. Now,he's a shadow of his former self.  He's another who waited too long for a head therapist.