Thursday, August 14, 2014

My bucket list Ice bucket list...

Before I fade to black myself one day..
1. Radnich..a full 90 gallon recycle bin of ice as he sits in the Bentley.Black ice.
2 Tim "freaky" Kawakami. The cold heartless and smug bastard,a Ice bucket of Pink Gatorade. Hopefully,it goes down his perpetually unbuttoned shirt,while on Yahoo.
3.Jim Kozimor "Smile in your face,the backstabbers".. I think Monte Poole would help me lift the chest of Ice.
4. Julie Haener. Just to stop that perky worship me look on her face. I need to know Julie had one bad day in her life!
5 And finally - for now- Lee Hammer. A big bucket of ice cold Hitler sweat saved by the Nazi's since 1944. Oh shoot!,Lee is LIKING it.