Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stan on Bochy,The A's...

I had to laugh..well,guffaw at Bochy being cool as a cucumber on the Giant's pregame show. Lincecum's regression,the Dodgers..Bochy didn't have a worry in the world. And then?..the Giants went out and won a walk off game or maybe it was the 2 HR game of Posey..doesn't matter. That's how you live a life.

The A's?  same old problem. Without Cespedes,they have nobody for the opposition to fear. Yoenis with his annual All Star game appearance put fear into ML pitchers. His clutch hitting could carry the team more then his HR's. When I saw yesterday Coco Crisp go into his usual drama queen act when he tried to make a over the wall catch,it showed how badly Cespedes was missed. Coco likes his time off.
Well,I called that trade bad the day it was made. And then I was told how much I didn't know baseball. Man,I know baseball,I know the universe. A horrible trade at the worst time... just as I predicted.