Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stanley Roberts borrows my handicapped placard posts..thats 2 stations.

First ch2 was inspired,now good old Stanley. Oh sure,I might not be the first in the world to write those placards are abused...but I was the only local writer to say it any time recently, followed by "inspired" news reports from my blog.
I will say Stanley took it to a level I didn't know existed..even those who qualify keeping expired placards as "extra's" for the grandkids to "borrow" no doubt. I tell ya,its infuriating to see- I hold my hand to god when I say this- A man pull up into a handicapped parking spot with placard, right next to my walking self,he gets out just fine and healthy- and walks into the bar! Hell,maybe no parking for the handicapped near bars should be a law? Their handicapped..what do they need with liquor ? Cant help them drive.
Its good to know SF is cracking down..and that huge $800 fine is a tough one. Now,if they get out to Pleasanton and go after the big black SUV's with canoe and bike racks that wiz by at 90mph, or the endless Mercedes and BMW's ( It pays well to be handicapped?) ALL with placard or plates saying "I'm handicapped- really" then we can get the word out.