Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stan,right again about the A's..and will be right on the Warriors- Lacob the Dummy.

It might be early,and I sure dont like writing about the A's team in a negative way..but Cespedes loss is like losing one of the X-Men team. We lost Cespedrine!
All those stats we were fed the last two years are his presence created a winning attitude,facts like we won twice as many games with Yoenis in the lineup as without him. And the losses? I called it. I figure the A's struggle to go above .500 the rest of the season. Whatever they do over that still wont be enough. Beane how rubbed his rabbits foot bald when he signed the big Cuban..just gave him away for ..6 more wins?  Some say by mid winter,Boston will have Cespedes and Lester signed. Could happen. Should happen.
Lacob?,,His mistakes are breathtaking, Thinking he could build on SF Bay some hideous Oil tanker looking building, a waste of a mill or two no doubt. Hiring Keith Smart. Giving away Lin. Firing Mark Jackson.
Now,he did 86 Nelson and Ellis..good moves. But the balance is tipping to bad ownership. Not pulling the trigger on Kevin Love will set the team back for years, I predict- and write it down- The Warriors will NOT equal last year's win total. Too many fragile centers,too many shooters,and not one player gives a damn about Steve Kerr. Not one.
 Tradition.The Warriors have NEVER won with a white coach since Nelson's first tour of duty. A pattern that might be altered slightly..a winning record..but no advancing past or equaling last years.

I see only Harbaugh as having it down on how to win..big.  In  Jim we trust.