Friday, August 8, 2014

Stan's thoughts on the drought...a must read.

Have you noticed that as the drought gets more attention...the only action is to blame Californians for using WATER?  I haven't heard a single plan to divert more run off,or even better build desalination plants up and down the state. I'm sure like electric cars,those plants costs come down as more are built and built better.
But no.
All that is happening is talk of fines,being stool pigeons and neighbor vs neighbor..being told to not use... WATER!. We would rather make it a crime to flush the toilet then do something practical about our drought? Demonize people for using water ? What the hell is that??  Jerry Brown has not said a damn thing about plans for a 5 year,10 year,15 year drought.  Can you cut back to -10%?  I know what I would be doing as Governor right now.
Maybe the bay area is Global warmed into a semi desert...soucal a semitropical desert. There will never be enough rain or snows. Are we going to fine people to end the drought? Its like the old joke of the guy who said he was teaching his farm Horse not to eat. "He was learn'in real good until he died". Yeah,and we will conserve our remaining water until we croak,parched.