Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Things Stan has learned from the Investigation Discovery channel.

1. Lesbians love to kill- lol. And they do it intensely with smiles.
2.White woman love to snitch. They come running for blocks to tattle tale. Mind there own business doesn't mean a thing to them. They are all the proverbial school teacher with eyes in back of their head.
3 Never kill a pretty blonde or try to hide the body in the midwest. The authorities will move heaven and earth to find you. Every city will be plastered with missing flyers and every tree will have a ribbon for "Kristin"..!
4.White wives will scheme and scheme to have a hubbie rubbed out..really complicated plans, man. Including hit men. Ethnic woman just get mad one day and shoot you..or the old kitchen knife job.

5.All men are evil and controlling. But hell,we all knew that..wink wink.