Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stan considering adding a blog that pays per views..

I wrote it down after seeing the story on my friend KRON.  Unlike blogspot that sort of comes across as the 1930's "seal of approval" to let you make money. I use adult language..and reality. So,Google. just enjoys making the money on  50,000 views and then says something about my being turned down. Steinbeck and whoever you can name would be turned down too.
If I do,I will tell you and try my hand at that. I have that sites dot com written down someplace. If you know of it, do me a favor and post it.

The Meredith Vieira Show review.

She's not wearing the short skirts,she's not doing that sometimes bawdy humor. She's not even flirting. In other words everything she did to get where she's at, has been dropped for some Oprah lifeclass like show. Yeah,you want to learn from Meredith.
I know- she's 60. But those legs need to be seen. She still has the shape. She even has that gap between the thighs. That is something other woman go to a plastic surgeon to get. It is sexy.
I'm not sure a St. Meredith show can last.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Radnich loves Puig,hates Sandoval..why?

Last I looked..both Puig and Sandoval were around .280 batting,16 homers,and the RBI's were close.  Radnich makes Puig sound like all universe,and has always-ALWAYS- ripped Sandoval. Radnich has wanted the Giants to threaten him, trade him,not sign him..Raddy talks like Sandoval has been worthless except for the sale of merchandise..and of course that's a bad and insulting thing the way Radnich puts it. Radnich just cant stand the idea of those brain dead Giant players being a local hero..that's what it is. Its ok for them to star on other teams..but not local. I think Radnich also has insecure issues when he talks of anybody being a local star- or San Francisco. He can't hold it in.
Puig has only 16 homers. Not Willy Mays in September numbers.

Dan Noyes gets Campbelled! a REAL post too hot for RL415!

The ch7 newsguy is reading a story of abandoned horses being rescued and Dan is following his copy as film is showing the horse being led to trailers . Dan then says "The horses were bought by a Supermarket". Might as well have said bought by the glue factory(!!!)....then pauses and catches himself  " That is,by the horse rescue society".
Oh yeah- and there was no story forthcoming about a Supermarket. Dan Noyes got Campbelled.

You will only read this TRUE post here. RL is a hands off of  St. Dan policy. I don't have that,just truth my friends,truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bay Area's short brief flash with sports winners..

It can never be the 70-80's again,but for a few years the locals were whipping pretty good. The Giants won the World Serious. The 9ers made the Stuper Bowl. The A's the west,the Warriors actually had a winning season or two and beat good teams doing it.   And now...
Beane did an Aztec sacrifice of his teams heart to the Gods. Didn't work for Beane and it didn't work for the Aztecs either come to think of it.
The Giants arms wore out the valves and pistons..blew a gasket- Romo and a co worker rumble.

The Warriors had excellence on a platter,and some old man living in 1960's memory lane has doomed the franchise. He has roots to  LOS omen right there.  

Yeah,this is a bit if a rehash of my early post..but the trend by local teams is really stuck in my ju-ju. I want to be positive,but when the local yokels do the opposite of my great advice,they deserve the karma.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Former Raiders thrive on other teams,and say we should have kept Hue.

Of course we should have kept him. Reggie was just full of himself firing the guy for no reason..and then bringing in - Allan?? wasn't like Reggie had this other star coach to take Hue Jackson's job. Allen???
From the start Allen gave off nerd vibes,over matched vibes..and his offense it has turned out, is offensive to everybody. The man is near incompetent. Or he is incompetent.
Reggie was giddy..he fired left and right because it would be years before the public would find out he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I KNEW..I said back then "If an 80 year old like John Madden endorses Reggie?, that's a sure sign Reggie is conservative and dull". Sure was. I'm old enough to know that when you get THAT old? look for yourself. Like West and his infatuation with Klay Thompson that has just killed the Warriors as a serious contender..but I digress.  Its all over the net on Reggie's cuts now stars on other teams. If that isn't a sign your a not a judge of talent,what is? WHAT?

50,340 views. Thanks!

I was a little late.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wow,all 12 NFL players charged with abuse are black.

KRON ran photos of every player charged all across this country. Not a white,Latin or Asian in the bunch. Not even a woman who attacked her male.  Whats that all about??  And Kapernick came close himself to being charged.
Something in that subculture of young wealthy black men is getting out of hand?. Is it the teachings of hard core hip hop?.."Have Money,take and do whatever you want" ?..or is it also..being black,nothing is swept under the rug? Authorities who cut Brett Favre slack for sexual harassment...never arrested him. Never charged him.
12 out of 12.

WARRIORS believe their own propaganda.

The team that thinks its the pro outlet for Harvard is putting out laughable previews on Comcast with fawning hosts. When Kerr tells that team "Nice effort fellows"  He's going to get a big uhuh.
If Joe Lacob thinks this crew is going to run through walls for Kerr like they did for Jackson,he's way out of touch. Mark had them thinking they were fighting for god. Emissary's!  The fall in attitude is going to be huge. Oh sure, Bogut is glad Jackson is gone..but Bogut doesn't play often enough so what does it matter?. He always has something new to break.
This team was on the edge of greatness...of territory of the elite.  And we threw it away so Jerry West can live in the past?. btw,How could Meyers be usurped by the "advisor" and the coach with not a single game under his belt?  So,whats the point of being "General" manager if your just a Private?  I can see it "Hey fella's I Bob have an idea!".."What? no? ok,It  wasn't a good idea I guess"..Yeah,he must be loaded with confidence right now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dan Dibley vs. The (local) Sports World!...and last time on Yahoo I bet.

He even took a shot at me!..BROTHER!..he said leaning into the camera.   Dan even went as far as to call Mark Purdy and Marcus Thompson--Tim "freaky" Kawakami mouthpieces of the man- in so many words. He even took a shot at 94-7 THEGAME calling  Guy Haberstrom,Haveastrong,..wait,Haberman?..whateva a 5' 5" petite guy. Oof!..shot below the waist..foul!
I wonder if that was enough to get him blacklisted? That show runs on them and us.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The A's,Giants,49ers,Raiders,bad news by Stan. All GM's to be need to read this..

The A's: They will make the wild card,their start was just too hot too long to blow. And again,they will exit in  5 games somewhere,someplace.  The A's John Fisher will never replace Beane..he's like Radnich at knbr..makes the company money,.so that's that!..Quality that lasts is rare..and in Beane we do have near great on paper,but really have the GM of the Vikings in the 70's,the Bill's in 80's..and Beane in baseball since. Win,but never win it all.

49ers..Kap just isn't as good as he and the 49ers make him out to be.  It seems that it's more important to Kapernick to show how hard he can throw,then it is to actually complete the pass. His priority is skewed to say the least. Crabtree and Davis are human..when a spiral ball pumped up like a rock is coming at you at 60mph 30 feet away..its not going to be caught.  Like Bill Walsh always admired about Joe Montana..he threw the ball TO BE CAUGHT..not to make the punt pass and kick finals. Joe had touch. Look,Kap sometimes winds up to throw...the best QB are like dart throwers...with a supple wrist,you pinball wizards.  The defense? When they get Aldon Smith back,etc,etc. Still,I say the 49ers will go farther this year than any other bay area team.

Giants: The physical collapse of the pitching is taking the sheen off another 2010,2012 run. Nobody's fault. Cain,Hudson,Romo in relief, and of course the biggest bust Lincecum. Amazing the Giants re surged at all. If they do something this year? Biggest story in bay area sports history..sort of the 75 Warriors.

The Raiders??????..FIRE,FIRE,FIRE THEM ALL!!..including the owner!  I would give Romo a whip myself and let him at the defense. Allen to be a bit serious..inspires nobody. Mark Davis should have shown cajones and told Reggie  "Hue is our coach",deal with it.  The best Raider coach in decades. I believe Hue when he said he knew what Raider football should be. He then did it.
Fire them all!..apply's even dead serious.

Stan tired of guys who say "Brothuh" and wear bandanna's.

 Add the shirts with no sleeve's and the chrome tipped blacked cowboy boots with wearing lots of bling,that fake pimp walk. I know,the car shows on TV are full of those fools. "Let me tell ya brothuh"..sure,real sincere. Hulk Hogan latched on to the look years ago ..and he stole that too.
I don't get how when everybody takes on the same character..with that soucal fake southern dialect,how are you standing out?. Just another tatoohead. They live in a box pretending to be outside it. Pretenders..that's it.
Discovery channel shows have a lot of them. Yeah,they are outlaws of non conformity..LOL..of millions and millions...that seem to be very conformist in true style.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sarah Palin....stuck in the past.

Same 'do,same pumps,same damn glasses. She's hanging on to 2008 for as long as she can..still in perpetual running for the White House,but not in reality. Like Ely May of Beverley Hillbillies ,Sarah will be in her 70's in those glasses,'do, and pumps as her look.
By then? the glasses will have spots of super glue and tape holding those suckers together. Maybe the same holding her droopy boobs up too.

Billy Beane's Waterloo. Or,as the Beatles would say....

For the last couple of days I had an idea to post "Where's Beane?"..Carl Steward beat me to it today.  Its funny,but when times are good- Beane is on all the shows,on TV, in the papers. In times like now?.."He's a real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land,making his nowhere plans for nobody". Like he did when he traded Cespedes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Joe Lacob sets Warriors back for years...maybe decades.

He had a brief flash in the pan..but water seeks its own levels and Lacob isnt a basketball mind. The mistakes he makes are coming faster and faster,one after another. It started with giving away Lin,screwing up the amnesty choice..then accelerated. The hiring of conservative Bob Meyers. Or the lack of backbone Meyers if as GM he wanted Love and had to back the hiring of West who has only relived his glory days in his mind and cost the team a real HOF player in Kevin Love. Keeping the average Klay Thompson is Jerry West forcing on Warrior fan's,Wests idea of whats more important- a player who reminds West of himself or a genuine star..and West's vanity went with a shallow version of himself.
I wish I knew what Lacob was thinking when Klay had a streak of 1 for 60 shooting last year...just a pathetic streak no bona fide star does,Then he turned down 30-30 a game Kevin Love!
And then Mark Jackson..Lacob's son and West didn't like screw success. Joe Lacob is a pathetic excuse of an owner. The upcoming season will be the start of a slide for the Warriors..write it down.  Their collection of broken down centers and so -so lineup will put all the pressure on little Stevie Curry.and his 165 pounds.
Locally..only Brian Sabean seems to know what he's doing. HIM, I would pay. All the others are nepotism and connections advancement- including owners like Lacob and Gruber and Mark Davis and Jed who is one Harbaugh who admired Bill Walsh from being lost himself year after year.
The last two years for the Warriors are now sinking right back to Nelly Ball..West and his ego,a coach in Kerr who inspires nobody,and a GM who will be praying he just once drafts a great player. Fat chance.
Enjoy the Giants..applaud Harbaugh. That's all we got on the pro scene.

Radnich: can't retire because his wife spends too much.

All that bullshit on KRON about " I love what I do!" a lie. Any old man like him that can retire- does. Hank Plant,Loyd Lequesta  and all the rest are retired at 62. Today on knbr the real reason came out. If his aversion to talking about sports on a sports show wasn't enough proof..his accidental honesty confirms.
His wife spends like a drunken sailor. And why every subject with Radnich revolves around money.
She spends and still tells him what an ass he is. Anybody would -lol.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Freaky Kawakami eats words on Harbaugh..or would if he had guts.

I have to laugh- ha and ho,at the pregame write up by "sportswriter of the year" Freaky K. Maybe he should be sportswronger of the year. "The 49ers are in shambles" he said in so many words.  Then they punished Dallas as I  thought they would.
When will Freaky ever learn? He's transferred his Al Davis hate to obvious. Ever since the infamous question to Harbaugh about "reproach"..Kawakami has been like a cockroach in Jim's Kitchen. A pest just waiting to steal a crumb. Jim today put the light on!
Freaky is shallow..before that question he was just the opposite,almost sucking up. Now,he turns red when you say the name Harbaugh to him. Don't fuck with Harbaugh and he doesn't fuck with you.

 I also don't see Radnich and Freaky building schools for poor kids in third world countries. Remember that when those two whine Jim doesn't respect them.

Time for Reggie to cut Allan and his losses..

That's it. Dennis Allan should be let go if the Raiders are to have a chance at a decent season. Reggie has fucked around cutting and signing players for three years now..and the Raiders are the same impotent team they have been since Saint Hue was fired. Today's game of no attempted vertical,and no vertical results but one time? That's got to be acknowledged by Reggie and Mark. This was a game the Raiders should have won easily..and when Allan said ' We didnt do well at any facet of the game'? I would yelled back " Start with head coaching not worth a damn".
McFadden? Where was he?..under Hue he ran like a horse, ( for half a season as usual) with Dennis Allen he's just all fall down. A 2 year old with the football.
It was a boring game. That ain't what the black hole signed up for. Stop wasting my time Reggie,and get off your fat ass and really do something.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sabean doesn't trade Posey,Sandoval or Pence.

That's how you do it. You get star players and keep them. The others..come and go. That my friend is how you win the World Series. You don't on the stretch drive rip the heart out of the team.
Bean and his sluggers...something is wrong with Billy Beane to just give away his sluggers..or in the Holliday case..let him walk away. What about Chris Carter?.
Sabean just sticks to common flash,no re inventing the wheel. Get good players and put them on the field to play.
That's what I would do.

Stan dedicates song to Jim Harbaugh.

 "The Ballad of the Green Berets"
 One hundred men we'll test today,only one will wear the Green Beret...fighting soldiers day and night..  only one will wear the Green Beret... A young wife grieves...the last note he left said " Pin these silver wings upon my son's chest,let him be one of America's hundred men we'll test today, but only one will wear the Green Beret,the Green Bereeeeet....
Coolest song there is.
Dennis Allen?..ugh,Taylor Swift or Keith Urban is his walk up song...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Killion and Freaky Kawakami's crazy talk.

"Yes, Beane should make that trade again"...Both parroted about the trading of Cespedes. I did a spit-take when Killion quoted Sue Slusser. If Beane made the worst trade in the world would Sue write Beane made the worst trade in the world?.No.   And as long as Ann breathlessly defended the trade,and Kawakami's unfettered love for Beane went on...they also entered the time machine to tell Stan " Yes,we will be taking a cruise on the Titanic"   " We will also invest life savings back in '58 for real estate on Bikini atoll - what a deal!."
Kawakami and Killion in the box usual.

Stan? I told you the day of the trade- read it on 415media- "The A's will sink like rocks". They have sunk like an Asteroid hitting the Earth 65 million years ago. I miss them Dinosaurs.

Radnich fucks up again- that dummy speaketh stupidity. Kate sez nuthin.

In the morning yesterday? Radnich:" Mike Sams is TOXIC,nobody will sign him"  Kate Scott said nothing. She is like the blackwoman who lets Radnich in 1946 say " The blacks cant play baseball Kate,you people arent THAT good to upset America's pastime".  Then again Kate Scott said nothing when Radnich said woman cant coach in the NBA.  She,in other words has whored out.
Sam's ? by the afternoon he was a Cowboy.