Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A's sink,adios to Allen. You read it here first.

The Cespedes trade resulted in Jon Lester tailing with a 4.30 ERA,then he tanked with 6 runs in the very game we gave up Yoenis Cespedes for. And "give" is the operative word. Hey,last I looked Cespedes had 94 rbi's for Boston. Boston should be a contender with him and Lester next year.
Beane's signing of Jim Johnson was a disaster,who we also could count on coughing up the big games- like opening night.  Sherzerisiz or what ever his name is,was Beanes best deal. Too bad Jeff didn't get to pitch with the teams key offensive player,Cespedes. Beane taking Millone out of the rotation with his 6 game win streak going for the dead weight Hammels didn't help either.
Beane paid no attention to common sense or sabermetrical baseball. Cespedes created 2 wins for every loss in the lineup.
How the paid sportswriters could say Beane tradid Yoenis because he only had a year left on his A's contract is nuts. Why even field a team with that as a priority? Crazy.

Allen? Like Singletary it was just a matter of how many months - or years until he was fired was my first impression.  Look,Mark Davis chose Reggie as GM because John Madden at 80 wanted him. Just as the Warriors lost Love because West wanted a tribute to himself instead of a powerful team. You knew Allen was all nerd and in the box. He never plans or himself.