Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beane and Beane apologists still lie. Plus more!

Beane made the gaffe of el stupendo stupidness,and now says like George Bush jr, "I made no mistakes". Beane even declared the trade "put us in the playoffs"..LOL. Beane is the King of excuses and denial. Why can't Beane just man up and say "It was a bad trade,my mistake"..because Beane is the type who yells at waiters "Do you know who I am!??".."I had a movie about me..because we had a winning streak that year!"

Now,the A's don't have Cespedes OR Lester. We have nothing...not Lester's stats or Cespede's 100 rbi's year after year. Beane defends the Alamo,the Titanic,and says the Giants should have traded Willy Mays in '64!
Even Reddick couldn't hold in the anger telling the media the chemistry was ruined and that Beane will do what he does- break up good teams.

Do a movie about me..the guy who knew sabermetrics can't replace a young clutch hitting and feared slugger.

Just read my post a few weeks ago of why Beane will never win it all. I had him pegged.