Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buster Posey...slowest man on Earth. Bad catcher..

Its great the Giants are winning. Now,why the lunacy of Posey thrown out TWICE at home plate, thrown out trying to take extra bases,and not able to beat out anything for a base hit?. He turns doubles into singles.  His skills as a catcher? Laughable.  Then you open the sports page or KNBR and find no mention of his base running gaffes!
I would say listen to Duane Kuiper get on Sandoval for LOB and compare the lack of even a mention of Posey- with Flannerys terrible coaching. None.  Posey thrown out at home plate is "the old college try".Pablo is "grrrr,he's left so many on base today".Fuck you Kuiper.
Posey's obvious fear of baserunners sliding home is going to really bite the Giants one day. Put him on first,stop the pretense he's a quality catcher.