Wednesday, October 8, 2014

KRON woman,toys for the newsroom Boys..

Aaron Pero loves to see Caligula the movie..its like his style,man. He's sleeping with the morning Darya..and thus approves her advancement 100%. Then the Grant and Justine show,where their coupleness is gone over and over. And then you have the married Radnich pawing Cathy Heenan on TV in maybe the most unprofessional news cast in the country. I thinking rubbing her back in circles is pretty much a right wing conservative thing. Cathy Heenan sets woman back a century. That thing she does? where she looks at Radnich like a Border Collie trying to follow her masters lead? Pathetic. No sooner does Radnich say the sky is green,then Cathy comes back "Did I say blue? I meant green".
Yes I know nobody takes Radnich as a journalist...they don't even think he's as good as a third rate comic..but why KRON just embarrasses itself in the 5th largest market in going for the dollar like whores is what happens when you dont have a HR or a strong union.
Whats Radnich wife think when her husband uses Cathy as living porn?..and for all of us to watch. Man,she must love his money too the heavens....