Monday, October 6, 2014

Radnich and Jackie go at it again.

From what I could surmise by Raddys innuendo, was, she told him not to touch her. So,Radnich spent more time on sports talking about people you can't touch "Like Jackie"..and then launched into some weird back and forth while-- get this- He RUBBED CATHY HEENAN'S BACK...It was just like the "Creepy Rob Lowe" commercial!.. Even Heenan was flustered by the back and forth. I mean,the fondling she allows on air is pretty weird too. Totally unprofessional and the news director must be an idiot Republican to allow that kind of harassment. Even if she LIKES it,its WORKPLACE HARASSMENT.  And KRON condones it.

Hey- I wouldn't doubt by the glazed look in his eyes Radnich was on his Vicodon.