Thursday, October 30, 2014

Radnich is a great dad because he DIDNT take his son to the World Series?

Sometimes,I run across his show on Comcast..its on all day seems like.  And when he bragged that he played catch with his kid instead of watching the Giants game, was so obvious a ploy to make himself  look good in a fake way. SO fake,Larry Krueger couldn't even muster a compliment.  Its funny but Giant fans were paying $1,500 or more to see the team in San Francisco. Radnich who could have seen them with his family for free? NEVER WENT TO EITHER GAME.  His son might not ever get a chance for decades to see another Giant team in the World Series or be WS champs at least. Because his "great" dad wouldn't take him across town.
I feel kind of sorry for the kid.