Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fecal matter called the Oakland Raiders. 30 years of greatness long forgotten.

They wear Raider uniforms but play like clowns at the circus..honk honk!,the Raiders get out of the tiny car- Laugh at them. HaHa. Oh,now they are throwing Monkey poop at the other team.

What happened to the Oakland Raiders?  Its like football is new to the organization with hiring losers and firing winners like Jackson and Palmer. Super Models could run the team better "Oh,he LOOKS so fast" says Heidi..and they would probably win more games then Reggie McKenzie.

I told you- They need Harbaugh. THEN Mark Davis can be hands off. Right now?,he needs all hands and fingers to plug the dyke. And I dont mean the Petaluma D.A.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stan- the only honest person in bay area media.

I get tired of hearing local media give you a bunch of lies. The game playing and alliances are just bullshit played on you. The fact that they do everything to keep me from advancing proves that. You've read me be far ahead of local "experts" on their own blogs..Did they ever give me any credit? Not even a bone..hell,not even a molecule of credit.  When I caught espn with the Lin slur- did Steve Berman give me any credit- no ,not that slimeball...he's all Dudy Kravitz trying to get ahead by sucking up to local big media.
RL415?  Ha...c'mon.  He's playing some game to make himself feel better I guess. Bi-Polar is right. Also- have you read Leiberman also dish out any credit to me? No. Not even after the Nancy Snyderman call. Could Rich be happy for a contributor? Hell no..he was jealous that not in a million years would he see what I saw and can see.
Social media- where you are not paid and yet are just as qualified to speak as anybody who is,is where the truth is today.
Or do you think those writers getting free meals from local teams are going to tell you all?..ha,yeah.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If DISH drops CSN,I drop DISH.

DISH for some reason doesn't want to pay its bills,while I pay mine to them. Can you believe they want to drop KPIX AND CSN?..while offering - not one- but TWO Texas Longhorn channels?. That's bullshit. They also have garbage channels like "glenn beck" and other right wingers.
DISH better get its act together. I will drop DISH and have my bank stop any payments to DISH. As far as I'm concerned they broke our contract- especially since their salesman assured me I could get CSN sports.

Direct TV is looking mighty good right now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BURN it down. Talk didn't do a thing.

And make sure Erick Gelhous is visiting downtown.  Our police- our murderers. They take on all the 12 year olds and mentally ill people,bravely. Two groups of people not known to follow orders of strangers yelling at them. So shoot them dead and say the tin cup looked "weaponish"
You know its gotten so out of hand- when an imbecile cop kills another? and investigations shows he didn't have the proper training and he knew that? charges as in Pleasanton or San Ramon.
Fear the police as they tell the public not the other way around.
When even prison guards union make Jerry Brown put on a dress and dance? he cuts education?..Worry. Worry hugely.
Our police state is well underway.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Not only did they not show the first hour of Stanford and Cal,when the Oklahoma-Kansas game ended,FOX sports stuck with that games postgame show!.  Like everything Rupert Murdoch touches, FOX sports is shit. "Watch Stanford -Cal on FOX2" they said...only that's another sports package- not free. They never mentioned that.
Without a  doubt FOX SPORTS is the most idiotic,incompetent, sports network in the world.

Friday, November 21, 2014


When my deeply religious friends tell me God is always with them and has a "plan"? I want to say " I think I got the god who doesn't know what he's doing". "Plan?" God sez to me "Just wing it, man"."Make your own plan, Stan"
Seems like it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stan on Bill Cosby.

This reminds me so much of a similar expose of Jimmy Seville a British celebrity knighted and celebrated for work with children.He made his name being a host of Top of the Charts in the UK. An American Bandstand for the English. He was a Bill Cosby like spokesperson for social causes.  When he died? It wasnt a week later the BBC released a program where Seville was proven a child predator.  It was so bad,Seville's family had the mans headstone removed and destroyed.
Bill Cosby is about from Seville's era. Those were the days when men could actually pinch a woman's rear like it was a compliment. Playboy ran cartoons in every issue of middle aged men in bed with children..and a "funny" punchline.Pedophilia was not Hue Hefner's best idea.
I think Cosby knows what he did was over the line and into criminal behavior..but that's how his generation thought. Why do you think I hate the status quo? Its ideas are not worth a damn.
Bill Cosby wont go to jail..but his headstone tribute engravings just went to a simple "Bill Cosby".

KRON "touching" has ended.

Its pretty obvious high execs at KRONs parent company read my posts..talked to employee's and they confirmed all the harassment Radnich used under the pretense of " Daddy Raddy loves you".  I'm getting the feeling based on Radnich veiled knocks of the new female exec in charge she was not happy over that or that her "Sports Director" never did a single report from the Giants locker room,stadium...normal news business. Instead he bragged he would rather watch it on TV at home.  I'm sure for her money that woman exec knew that the company was cheated by Radnich. He pushed it.
Look,Radnich a few times has emphasized her being a woman- meaning he knows more then her,so doing as he see's fit was par for him. She must have set him straight. He now keeps his hands to himself.

Unlike the rest of the media- who wouldn't have written about it in a million years- I know game playing to take advantage of somebody- woman- when I see it.

Barry Thompkins and Radnich..two peas in a pod.

I was thinking about..why would Thomkins who did Stanford TV football in the Toby Gerhart era,vote against  a Stanford Heisman?  It had to be a grudge by Thompkins. He was angry at Stanford for something- probably money,and so got even. Barry didn't think it through- the vote was made public. His pick was an insult,Colt McCoy was injured that year and never played a full season. It would be nice if the Stanford school paper looked into it. Or local journalist. Set history straight. I mean,if Thompkins had even picked the eventual winner,there might not be any question. He picked a no chance player. Grudge/Revenge.

Radnich who is nutty,feels hate for all the Giant latin players who are even near the Caribbean.The man has professed his love for Larry "Crabgrass" Kreuger who always looks like he wishes Radnich could be normal,and just shut the hell up with the weird stuff. And you all know Krueger's history.
Today,Radnich said Sandoval is worth the money- and he isn't worth the money and should get his "fat ass,out of town"  Radnich is a bigot who hides it poorly. His usual play both sides today was business as usual for him. He means it ,unless he doesn't it. His key to survival open like a book.

The sports media are chumps and dummies,and just asking to be taken apart.

Greg Papa and Lund like to have sex with animals. They said it.

"I would shave the sheep first".said Lund,as Greg Papa hugely embarrassed himself with keeping the bit going.
And yes,John Lund did say how he would prepare his animal sex toy. I was driving,and couldn't change the channel fast enough.
They make Radnich and Krueger seem classy.

The Rich Leiberman manipulation..

If you wonder why I let those put downs he posts go unanswered?  'because I dont. Leiberman takes my comeback answers that are pretty good..and wont post them.
Its called "Not letting Stan be popular on my blog"  He's insecure- He wants my posts that people love to read,and yet he only posts rips because of his bias. I mean,he loves Michael Savage. Leiberman is no liberal. He also wont post anything critical of police,fireman,usually. Once in a while-- but not often. And media buddys? Never see Dan Ashley get criticism. Hell,I sent in a funny blooper Ashley said on air- never got posted.
And I'm sure their is some racism involved..he always "recommends" Jewish people for all media jobs. Not even subtle.
Sinkovits would be Kitchen sinkovitz if his last name was Hernandez..
One last -keep in mind He writes many of those put downs- and why they use his type of cuss words. He cant hide sounding like himself.
Yeah,weird..but as I fight on,I know I'm right.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sandoval and Cepedes on the SAME team?

DO NOT,I repeat do not tell Boston that's the Clutch brothers. Hits when they count,mean something,pick up a team. Those two proved themselves in the bay area. Lets hope that east coast bias helps the Giants. Pray Boston has a chip on its shoulder about west coast players. PRAY !

Drive that Carr off a cliff... AND you read about Harbaugh here first.

I'm going to bust a gut if Damon Bruce still calls Carr "The future",yeah,of Armageddon or the rapture.
Its time to fire Reggie..he cut our best HC in decades,and he let go the best QB we had-Palmer - in a decade plus now.
He kept McFadden.
How much more damage could he have done? The Raiders haven't won a game in a year. Nothings worse then that. The worst decisions you can imagine,Reggie made. And i predicted it.  Mark Davis should have vomited at what he hired,when what he hired fired a coach who won.

Harbaugh? knbr and Kawakami stole my idea,and claimed it for their own. Amazing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Barry Thompkins veiled racist?..and jerk asshole?

I know somethings up with him. He's not that genial friendly persona..I think he's more of Maury Povich conservative. I've heard him- like Radnich- praise Posey as St Posey and marry my daughter Posey type salutations. Same for Bumgarner,Pence- no complaints about what Pence makes from Barry. But Pablo Sandoval is a burden on the team!..Thompkins - like Radnich- can hardly wait until the Latino ballplayer is sent away. Pablo Sandoval will get hugs from Larry Kreuger before Barry says something worthwhile about the Panda
Thompkins is a weird guy..a Stanford announcer who cost the school MILLIONS when he voted Colt McCoy of Texas- who didn't even play a full season- as Heisman Trophy winner over Stanford's Toby Gerhart. Bizarre from a Bizarre man. Thomkins vote was the decider. wow. And Stanford still lets him on campus? Why?
Barry Thompkins also blasted Giant icon Juan Marichal as "lazy"..he "could have been better said" Thompkins- LOL..the most idiotic opinion of Juan Marichal's career ever stated.
Barry Thomkins opinions are embarrassing. I take it though he says the right words to Ted Griggs,show up for golf with Griggs..and of course is a  card carrying conservative. The Asshole Barry Thompkins.

Sabean 3,Popvich 5,..................................................................Beane 0.

Billy doesnt get it. You keep your best players and get rid of non productive players. Bean,when he does  get a good or even great player by scouts or trade? He trades them for other good players not quite as good. And hence,you have the hamster wheel career of Billy Beane. Beane's eye is on his bank account.
"We wont pay for a Championship"  says Wolf and Beane and Fisher in confoundingly and confusingly dumb quotes over and over.
And that's why the A's are Sunny Select ketchup to Heinz's ketchup. Forever will be profitable but never the best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Enough of the Zombie crap.

I like Horror,SchFi,Monsters.but this Zombie thing that has spread like..a cold...Is boring. Dawn of the Dead was great i n 1969- my brother loved it- told me all about it.  But now? Christ's sake,its the same premise over and over. Virus,Zombies,No cure.  Even big name stars are making these repeats. Bill Murray,Brad Pitt,Mila Jojovich. I've seen Canadian made Zombie movies.same thing- Virus,Zombie,no cure.
I'm sick of them..its beaten like a dead horse. Virus,Zombie Horse,no cure...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tim Kawakami dead wrong on 49er "Moral Compass"

Can't he get anything right?  He was dead wrong on Ray McDonald. And if you read my post on 410media back when, you know that I said arrested doesn't mean a thing. A woman gets angry at get arrested. After that,the reality kicks in. And thus McDonald is free and clear..but with hefty lawyer bills. The legal system is legal extortion.
And what does Kawakami know about woman anyhow?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carr,too short,too slow. And why is McFadden watching?

I haven't written on Carr, I did hear some give him wild praise- Damon Bruce is out of his mind if "Carr is the future" Yeah? that future looks awful bleak. Just looking at him with stubby legs not able to out run anybody in the NFL means he should get the ball away quickly. Well,he's not..he cant see down field worth a damn. The Raiders are lost under Reggie Mckenzie..he fired our best head coach since Gruden- without even meeting the man. He just plain gave away Carson Palmer.The list of former Raiders thriving on other teams speaks to Reggie McKenzie doesn't know what he's doing. He might cut the football next.

And its laughable the Raiders pulled McFadden in the fourth quarter. If anything, he should carry every down. Get their moneys worth.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Holloween and Drag queens..

Post that time of year when the news interviews "sisters" and "lady" this and that. One thing I notice? Why do so many TALL men want to be Draggers? It never fails that they tower over the reporters. By a whole former basketball players. It seems disproportional how tall they are when you consider the ideal woman is imitate. Man,those DQ pumps are huge....

Stan's multi million dollar

Are you ready for this?.you poor slobs stuck in  cubicles all day...when I have your life's problems solved. Ready? get this... listen close now, a TEN HOUR ENERGY DRINK!.  Genius!..a drink pumped up with caffiene,ephedra and high fructose corn syrup. You take it for breakfast..and you have hyperactive ADD the rest of the 10 hour day!  It will make your eye balls scan left to right all night long, your blood pressure will pump you up like a balloon. Give a presentation that should be an hour, in 10 minutes!
Place ads on Golfers hats..everybody knows how much energy it takes to Golf.
And you have a plan "b" always...sales slow?...12 hour energy drink!..oh yeah. Millions.

Taylor Swift and the View and woman...

The young living barbie doll was on the view,and three of the four woman looked at her like they wanted to violate her right there.straight,gay,they all wanted her-lol.  Woman can do that..they can be all over other woman and nobody cares really. Oprah,was another who looked at young hot blonds like they were pink frosted cake. Fat woman? No hugs from "O"..models? "O" couldn't wait to help them fit their bra's!..remember those shows?
I saw Diane Sawyers nips stiffen when she interviewed Kate Hudson a few years back. That's common. When you see a female interviewer cross her arms over her chest as she talks to young beauty?.there ya go..hard nips. Meredith did that the other day talking to J-lo who wore a plunging blouse with skirt hiked up to her ass. Being just two feet away might have been too hot for MV. Right before the arm cross? MV showed. I saw it.
One last.." BIG hugs" of pressed boobs? easy socially accepted woman to woman feel up they can get away with. You wont see Fallon press his dick up against Seth Rogen's greeting him. Good buds that they are.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Klay,great or just on a streak?

I have to laugh at Marcus Thompson's fawning column of Klay Thompson. MT,has "I'm keeping this job a LONG time. Monte's mistake,is my break!"  I don't see any mention of Klay always having hot streaks...then followed by 1 for 60 shooting,no rebounds. Kevin Love is good for 30 points AND 30 rebounds. He's HOF,Klay? hasn't even made the all star team as a RESERVE-lol.
Jerry West is pulling the Billy interviews when times are good,he cant be reached when times are bad "In LA. on business- for the month!"
Lets see if Klay plays his best for a season.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Raj Matai,Billy Beane,Dan Dibley,Monty Poole.

Raj Matia commenting on Madison Bumgarners "gift" to Jimmy Fallon of madbum shorts :" A man giving another man shorts,how funny".  A bit of homophobe from Raj?  Jessica Aguirre said nothing to that. She's not dumb.
Any Billy Beane sightings?  what a massive ego. He only comes out of his hole under the bridge when the team is winning.
Dan Dibley- as predicted here- has not been on yahoo talkfest since cracking jokes about local sports particular Guy Haberman being only 5'5". Since Haberman is a near regular,and Dan isnt...You see it all the time in local media..blacklists.
Monty? Fell of the face of the Earth. Man,leaving the Trib was a huge mistake..espcially when he reads his replacement writing how brilliant Lester for Cespedes will be.

I told you.When my blog un clogs - I write. Somebody at Google might not like me..or flunkster kron/knbr hackers.

Monday, November 3, 2014

CHP Cop resigns due to nudie pics,Eric Gelhaus murderer still has his job.

That's just laughable from the insane world of Jill Ravich racist DA in Santa Rosa.  Eric Gelhaus psychotic cop is on the job to "protect and murder". May the both rot from cancer asap.

btw,Why were the CHP cops who received the stolen property pics,KNOWING they were stolen, not charged?
Why do I expect DA's to work for justice?..they are more cop and judge. A huge flaw in our legal system.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog problems.

Only one site on the net freezes badly for me. My blog. Thats why you see few posts lately. Also,i do manage to get it going.....then it corrupts again. Never happens on ANY other website.  So,read this..and when you see days go by?..Something is up again.