Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Veronica De La Cruz- the thinking man's Anchor.

She's not the fluff of....well,why denigrate others who might be talented...but not as much as Veronica.  Some weak men are threatened by her confidence. Strong men like me see a world beater.

Radnich skips playoffs and World Series- shows up for NY's show.

Just  what you want from Leiberman's favorite Sportscaster. I think Radnich tossed Richie a whole plate of Thanksgiving bones.
The man who's tired of the best in the bay area according to two sources- 415 and Aaron Pero.. Stan sticking to his guns.  No other blog but mine can handle me or the truth.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

49ers,bay area media didnt deserve Harbaugh.

I don't see one local columnist or reporter hammering at the 49ers with  "Again?" Mariucci was the same story. Just me. Harbaugh will have lions success in Michigan. He wasn't going to take another NFL job with a bad team..that might lose to the 49ers.Smartly,Jim will let the NFL bring down the "gentleman" football team and the Yorks. He,will take a national title with his Heisman players- every year.
The bay area sports media are idiots. They hounded Mark and Hue Jackson. So winning wasn't enough? Now they needed to do song and dance? Make the media feel good about their pathetic living?..What did fans care?
The bay area media gives itself pats on the back. What a little world they exist in.

Leiberman's "High Road?"..sarcasm. Has to be.

High road? When has he ever done that. Ask the Pig Vomit family.  "Accountable" you mean when he accused Kristy of ch5 weather of sleeping with the news director to get her job?
All the anonymous hate he wrote to me on his blog? LOL..accountable.
He and Radnich look out for no.1. And only.

Kris Sanchez- best bay area anchor laugh.

She cut loose last week. It was one of those "She's got a great laugh" things. Something about what she looked like the last time she tried to hop a fence.
Not many anchors have those infectious laughs. Gary Park had one.Pat McCormack had a good one. Real laughs,not that affectation laugh.  Christina Loren has got a nice one. KNTV seems to have a ND with an ear for it.
Laughs are hard to find..when I do,I enjoy them.

The New York state of

One of the worst problems with national media is New York. I find shows from New York to be so myopic it ruins them. The Tonight Show went to hell.If  Fallon wears one more cap sideways?,I'm going to punch his fucking lights out.
 I had enough of manholes and steam is so wonderful. Yeah,real ma nature. If New York fell into the Atlantic the world would be better off. Then maybe the rest of the world might improve.
I think that covers it. Any arguments? No?..I was right again.

Hey,we need more Honolulu state of mind.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Viki Liviakis as hot schoolgirl. Harbaugh leaves. Raiders as laughingstocks.

Vikie had that Catholic plaid schoolgirl dress on . The more I looked,the more I started to hum "To Sir with Love"..with Viki as the hot girl in class smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Some imagination huh?

The Yorks..again,water seeks its own level. They did to Harbaugh what they did to Mariucchi. A family that can't handle success without meddling and petty bickering. Ok..hire David Shaw or maybe Sonny Lesbian. He knows offense.

The Raiders are buffoons. Carr? like the barroom QB in the parking lot quality. What a disgrace as he just dropped and fumbled the ball like a guy lit up too early in the day. Man, he should have held up a bottle of Jack Daniels as he whoo-heeed and got up. It would explain such amateur play for our once great franchise.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let the Leiberman blog just die..fade away.

I told him- no Happy Holidays to Stan and Kris Kraft? he scrambled today to use his false praise. Once again,he stole an idea from me with no credit given.  His blog his on a precipice..and Stan found out who he will turn on in desperation.
I  always knew he wrote most of the stan insults. But,I also figured if I knew that,so did most readers. Why else would he post the same anonymous garbage,while he complained about "clutter"?. But,ya know..when he then took it to not posting my comments...and then writing topics based on what he didn't want you to know came from me?.OK, it again on your own. The last time, you found yourself missing me. I dont need your blog. I don't need the fleas.

Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm going to miss the Christmas song season.

I liked KBAY's month of Christmas songs. It seems that "Night Divine" has become the new old standard to get more air time then "White Christmas". I didn't hear one play of Silent Night. What? too Christian?.  Mariah Cary's catchy 1994,that sounds a lot like Darlene Loves early 60's Christmas song. And they were both ripped off by Kelly Clarkson derivative song who's title I don't remember.
 A hidden gem is Julian Casablanca's "I wish it was Christmas today" from SNL's Horatio Sanz.  Casablanca's arrangement and style is suspiciously like Jesus and Mary Chain.
No matter how you cut it those songs were worlds better then some new rock song from the band "My New Teenage Hard-On".  They suck,if that was a real band.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stan's Observations says,Merry Christmas to all my 60,000 readers!

Thanks to all who read my blogspot,or on Reddit or even in other languages in Asia. I know that being a beloved bay bay area icon that I am,means I stick to my principles..none of that phony "I follow nobody's politics" like 410blog or most of the bay area media claim. I'm liberal as best as I can be..
I support peace,even if I have to knock teeth out to create it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stan's advice to this countries Police forces.

Tell your spokesman to shut their goddamn mouths. Shut the fuck up. Nobody is buying their excuses and they are just pissing people off. If anything, they are confirming peoples fear of the sympathy for the family of the dead,no sorrow at all of what they did. When they have a big bad male spokesman boasting that the police do no wrong in a loud Irish New York cop cartoonish way,its just making the masses angry. If you don't have a female spokesman who has a kindly way,now is the wrong time to put "Knuckles and his type A cop attitude" on TV.
I know that the police around me here in the eastbay,do a good job. They don't fuck with you over a forgotten left signal on a turn. Unlike Pleasanton and the tri valley where the police,the Sheriffs,and the Highway patrol go nuts as little Napoleons.  Here? Not a major attitude. I drive by and give them the thumbs up.
BUT,those police spokes people are gasoline to the spark. Them vs Us comes through loud and clear. Who serves who I ask you?

Another good neighbor moves out of the hood..

With college educated daughters who grew up here,they are leaving...the stupid have driven away another good family. Most,if not all of the stupid around here are dropouts,drunks,people who place no value on education. They think its there right to dump trash. They buy things they cant really a new car goes around with huge dents since they didn't have the right insurance.
They also like to share their car music,and truly think they impress somebody with the fast starts. I only laugh when  I see them in a even junkier car since they trashed the good one. They get brave at night,they think they are so "cool" checking out for cops as they do drugs. When you see them race a Ford Fiesta you know that is rock bottom stupid- why would you want to draw attention you drive a POS like that?. Put a bag over your face,fool.
 I've seen home prices skyrocket here. But the quality of life still sucks mostly because somehow the stupid beget the stupid over generations.
If your income isn't high..why would you buy gas guzzlers? THAT'S the culture I wish I could throw vials of Ebola at.
You wouldn't miss them. None of them.

More on the drecks of local media. Kawakami,Lieberman,Jenkens

Thoughts:  Kawakami must be in true love with Beane. The over the top articles over the years Even once writing he "believes in Beane's plan" Then the A's finished last two years in a row.  It must be love driving him,because Sabean has won three World Series titles in five years..I don't remember any Tim Kawakami love,or talk of Sabean's "system" in admiration-lol.  Tim wants Billy,not Brian.
Leiberman: His idea of quality is based on his own kind and who he wishes he could be. Sometimes he differs..then he writes garbage about people of color in local media is some kind of PC shtick. Maybe they have talent. Maybe not the wonderful,awesome talent of tubby Tom Sinkovitz though!
Jenkens..a face for radio I guess. That reminds me, Yahoo sports is officially an embarrassment. It reflects Ted Griggs who might as well run Cumulus KNBR,and other lightweight fare. Its panel now is a half dozen or so people who say "I have to agree"..a million times a show. And they do.

Oh yeah,and James Woods tweety that "Al Sharpton caused the shooting of two NY cops".  I think two things -proof that Hollywood is not liberal once again, and that James Woods should go back for his sex addiction treatments. Keep him from chasing 20 year old's while he convinces himself its his good looking wrinkles and charm that does it.
A bonus.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Losers can never change...

An Aryan skinhead old timer walks into a Synagogue and shoots two or three people dead. None of them it turned out,were Jewish.
A black man shoots two cops dead as a message to white cops killing black men. Neither of the cops were white.
And Sony's CEO says that they "Never backed down and have been brave " in dealing with the North Korean hackers. Sony pulled the movie and the stars went into hiding.
This list could go on forever..

Stan's Rushmore blocked by Leiberman,,,and why.

I listed Woman,Latino's like Rigo Chicon who's known more across the country-legendary- then nitwit's like the dead Pete Wilson. I wrote a better take including Cheryl Jennings- Lowell Cohn.and Glenn Dickey. I know how RL soon as he saw that? I was out of that topic. He wasn't going to let me list LC and Dickey before him.
So,when you don't see a post of mine on a topic you would know I would have a take? My take was so good it was threatening.

KRON packing in the commercials..

I'm watching the start and Viki Liviakis starts reading the news like a speed reader..4 stories or so in the first minute. She was faster then the clips could keep up with..she's talking about Russia,and snow back east is the tape. And then I saw why...a looooong stretch of commercials- infomercials too began. I know she was following orders,but c'mon KRON general's,you dropped the sports segment so why the rush?  KRON is starting to be the TV equivalent of today's newspapers..the thin three sheets to "front section".  And the camera work on the job is slipping..doesn't have to be in focus and sometimes it doesn't look even to be in HD.just old 480. At first,they at least tried to make it look like the reporters had a camera man- using a tripod. Now,all they have to use is a cellphone "selfie" style.   Its still Tele VISON  kron. Clear shots should matter.
I guess my advice to lesson the commercial lengths are falling on deaf ears. Bet on it.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paul Deano can be replaced.

I didn't like the way he blew off Veronica De Castro like she was the resident chimp.  And I didn't like Ken Bastita mugging instead of helping her out like he should have. For Bastita,that's now two female anchors- Liz Cook being the other that he sort of did the "how shallow they are" faces. If you are an expert at body language like me- a PhD in that field ( I drew the degree's myself- also a great artist!) you know what I mean.
I know that Castro might live up to the Diva thing others are now putting on her,but how hard can it be to handle that in the news and entertainment field?  There's something to her (oh I don't know,-ethnic?) that they feel doesn't give her the right,after KPIX spent a fortune to get her,to be superior?. Huh? She's the main anchor of CBS San Francisco.
From what I saw..she's the one with her feet on the ground.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Damon Bruce slams Raddy.

"If you want to listen to a guy who has no passion and is disinterested in sports,he's on 680 and named Gary"

Whoa!  Well,Raddy and Kreuger regularly take pots shots at Bruce and his sayings "Sport dont build,etc" and "He's gone" show final. I was wondering when Bruce would get fed up.

The "Investigators" should get on my previous topic.

I always thought it's a story to look into. Not that hard to buy products in low income areas..and compare taste. Man,Cheeze Its are the barometer.  I'm sure execs would spill the beans off camera at how much reject foods are sold as normal . The food industry is near used car salesman territory.

I want to win the lotto so I can overpay for food.

When I have shopped at Whole Foods,Trader Joe's or even Safeway in wealthy burbs? Its like the Disneyland of foods. Top notch displays,adult music, and the woman along side me are thin and tall and well dressed. And they check out dark and handsome me.
When I go to my local barrio/ghetto market like Food Source? its get yer food,get the hell out-lol. And the woman are not privy to healthy eating...the thin ones are on meth. As a matter of fact Food Sources big sister,Food Maxx is usually a little better because unlike FS,Food Maxx doesn't always follow the FS axiom "If its on sale it must be stale"  Another ghetto market trick is to sell something like Cheeze I'ts at a low price..then you get home and realize they sold the rejects- the ones that taste burnt or instead of cheddar cheese taste,its stinky feet taste. I imagine those are quality control foods that should have been tossed by Cheeze it corporation,and instead were packaged and sold to low income areas. A lot of wink- wink involved.  Its the same for cookies to Moca Mix.....something off or in Moca Mix's case? it taste like regular milk. Not the creamy smooth Moca I remember.
Nope,you have to shop in Pleasanton or the Oakland hills.ect to taste what you had as a kid..fresh Chip's Ahoy's..none of that reject stuff for a dollar less.
I'm never going to pay budget prices again...when I hit the lotto.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lieberman and Radnich make friends again.

"And Gary to the side is teeeerible" says 415 media.  And the lack of truth from me being posted makes it obvious Raddy "reached out" to 415. How much he donated is anybody's guess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Radnich tries to drag Pam Moore down..+ more

"You need a father to have happy children- you agree right?" he said to Pam Moore who of course lives in reality and the 21st century. "Don't bring me into this" she told him.  I think that somebody who's done the news as long as her and accepted rewards would at least answer back what she does think. Instead,Radnich holds her hostage and brings out her lack of backbone. What a pal he is.
I think Radnich must be the most hated personality at KRON by his co just manifests itself over and over. The floor director almost laughed at Radnich..and he got the evil eye emanating from the bloated host's fat head.
And that Radnich only stood for one sportscast and back to the desk? I think he whined and pouted to end that experiment. ONLY- now that he's on the right side?...he cant stick that left hand he's so ashamed of,out to grab the females like he could all the years before. I think that's another KRON management idea!

About that Pam- Raddy chemistry?  She's the enabler and martyr type. She didn't have children so Gary Radnich is her spoiled baby that can do no wrong. Mommy Pammy takes all his abuse with a smile. Obvious.

Stan reviews the new KRON.

Since I know half the KRON people are on my side..lets get down to the truth about what's what.   First of all,Radnich worked the 5 pm cast,the first time in years. On the 6pm cast- Radnich isnt even at the desk,he's off to the side standing and delivering the sports. I think I have to take some credit for that. If it weren't for my posts on his never ending groping of the female anchors willing or not,I doubt he would ever have been given the new format. I'm willing to bet he was told,not asked for this. The only way for management to get him to keep his hands to himself.  As you may have heard, Bill Cosby to David Letterman also thought they were affectionate men with good looking staff-lol.
What I also noticed,Jackie Bennet is dead weatherwoman walking. I didn't see a word exchanged between her and the others at 5 or 6 pm. I doubt she's going to miss KRON. Especially with Little Gary,aka Grant Lodis, working the mangement kissing up- to, now.
The new set is ok..far too much lower front lighting..the idea is too wash out wrinkles I suppose on the older anchors,but you get some weird fun house lighting look. The red and blue wavy background is something that might wear out its welcome.
I bet the new KRON is trying to get out of its old more just show up for your sports anchor check,but now you have to do whats expected....or give way. Same for the rest. It couldn't hurt.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Radnich works!..does Monday 5pm KRON sports.

After he somehow got out of covering the World Series involving the local team-lol,oh man- for yet another year, the KRON "Sports director" skipped any and all live reports at ATT, might now be expected to stop stealing from KRON.  I imagine he and Aaron Pero,Radnich BFF, might have gotten flack from company HQ about letting Radnich save his energy at home,'cause he needs to be fresh  for KNBR-lol.  Is that what KRON pays him for?
And really, how can you say "I love what I do" when you don't even care about the World Series? I think he only loves cashing KRON checks!

Radnich to skip the Super Bowl too. The 49er saga. Raiders.

"Its better to watch on the couch" says KRON's bloated sports director who doesn't go to games anymore.

The 49ers are out...and injuries,and overpaid players like Vernon Davis who quit on the team sank it. And like with Huff,J.Russell,and many more,Kaepernick spent the off season partying instead of concentrating on football. To me,all that news he made,all the commercials he made,had convinced him that he could just walk on the field "He had arrived". The sorry part was..if he could pump himself up like that,having a few bad games could just as easily ruin his confidence.  I think that's what we saw in those press conferences. He had so much could it end? he thought. After the press ripped him..its like watching  a guy going through the stages of death.Denial,anger,acceptance,etc.
Kap,could pass it off as just a bad year,and make a comeback. But it wont be with a coach who traded up to get him.
NOW,its on to the RAIDERS for Harbaugh!..If MD knows that a football is an elipptoid,he will hire Jim. Enough with Reggie Mc Stinky. You cant do any worse then him. Didn't Mark notice in the interview Reg isn't the sharpest tool in the Raider shed?..Take him back to Home Depot for a refund.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fitz and the Tantrums cheats Stan!

 I like that song you hear on the Mazda commercial called " Dear Mr. President". So,I see on the guide they are going to do a 2014 concert on Palladium channel. Great I thought. I DVR it.
The next day I start listening...FF past songs I don't know- which is all their other songs-lol-and,I'm not hearing it. I did hear a couple of songs that kind of sounded like the commercial...then became something else. Next thing I know,an hours worth of songs goes by and its over!. In the credits is the song list..No sign of their biggest hit! The one song everybody knows..isn't done. If I had paid money,I would demand my money back!
Its not like they are the Beatles or the Stones..or even Neil Diamond with too many hits to fit in an hour. Man,how self indulgent is that by fitz & the tantrums??

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who needs to be tied to a rope and dropped in the bay from a Helicopter part IX

In the beginning....I had Aaron Rowan,Zito,Russell,and Billy Beane on the drop list.  Beane wouldn't sink.The others are now flotsam and silt. Now,who needs to be tied to Beane?  Reggie? how about Joe Lacob who we know is a megalomaniac. That sort of takes away from a great start does it not?.  And Grubby Grubbers "Ghetto" voice joke. When you own a team of mostly African Americans,you better be Abe Saperstein to get away with that. Petey,isn't.

Jed-  He's circling the rope like the Moon and gravity circle the Earth. Losing Harbaugh after leaving the Stick for Santa Clara..the mistakes are piling up. I hate when I put a lot of thought into something and it still goes wrong.. Jed seems to be walking down that road.

And sits Sabean like a Norse god looking down from his throne (reading a newspaper? Plenty of air freshener?) at the mere mortals.

Higgs Boson proves gravity waves exist and that proves we live in a multiuniverse

I dont know why there isn't front page headlines of this knew proof of what is all around us to infinity. If you have Higgs Boson- proven two years ago,that then led to proven evidence of gravity waves last year by the big bang. It all can only happen in a Universe with parallel universes AND in Universes that interact with ours all the time.
The only drawback is-  you get stuck in all manner of lives in them. Some, maybe most,you dont exist in at all.  So,if you've ever dreamed or felt what its like to be famous or some guy serving a life sentence in might be tapping into those other planes. I myself have doubts- like a I said before- If all versions of me exist that I can imagine..then why isn't the God version of me who makes ALL other versions of me a God not happen'en?  Then there's the not you as a human. Boggles the mind.  And yes,science says that that all applies to every single thing in the Universe- bacteria are you someplace many googles squared in distance. Its all science and science fact. What used to be fiction is now a truth.
One more..the split photon slit experiment we all were taught in HS? the explanation is- EVERYTIME you make a decision?,the Universe splits into all possible outcomes. That's what they say. It doesn't matter what door you pick in life--the decision was already made long ago and the outcome unchangeable. So,poets to philosophers over ancient times were on to something with fate.
I get a kick out of all this because its real and yet fantasy to think about.
Hey,one last question I have: If there is a infinite small,and a infinitely large Universe...where are we on that scale? Closer to one or the other?. I need to find a scientist reader...

Fast N Louds undersides...

A show I like,but am old enough to know Rawlings is full of crap. Just like the Orange County Choppers mantra's was "That looks cool". FNL's is "That will sell for double!".  There's one reason he like OCC has  gone major league . The TV show,or the lot of them is are still in their original hole in the wall, shops.
Gas Monkey has built some of the ugliest rods on the planet. Remember the Lincoln with flared fenders?..UGLY.  ALL the green hot rods?..or Rawling's own green Mustang with a tire mounted on the trunk. Hideous. I would take the Batmobile over that.
I remember when OCC gave Leno a bike..and Leno couldn't wait to point out the crappy workmanship - a leaky fuel line run through the bike frame for one. Its a wonder Leno wasn't incinerated.
The other FNL gripe I have? EVERYTHING from the past is cool to them. I remember those days,and some weren't cool then or now. So- if you think you can flip cars just like that and make huge money? You better get a TV show,talk like Burt Reynolds, and fudge the truth.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Harbaugh all but quotes Stan at press conference..

Go ahead- read what I wrote yesterday...and then listen to Harbaugh talk about Keapernich today " religious,good person" .I mean c'mon,it was almost straight from my blog.  I know what I'm talking about.

Buster "pure and good"...Pablo and Kap "evil". You're racist SF Sports media.

When Posey's BA dived,when he really did something shockingly embarrassing like allow runners to score with no effort to tag them..I thought the media would have a subject to talk about for days. They said nothing.  Then Posey did it again a few days later..whats less then nothing?  No discouraging words about Buster. Kuiper still wanted him for a son.  And then Pablo makes an error..The Giant announcer can hardly wait to make sure Sandoval was given the blame of a bad throw and not Brandon Belt's,weak pickup.
Ok,How about Cain extorting his big contract with the Giant's where he actually insinuated he might not pitch so good if he's not happy going into the season?..Was he ripped about that? No. Was he scorched when a year later we found out he KNEW he had a bad elbow and hid that to get the fat contract?.no, Nobody said Cain was a dishonest schemer.
I didn't hear that if Cain didn't want to pitch for what he's really worth "Then get his ass out of here".
Its obvious the pecking order of who's color and ethnicity is obeyed by local media. White is over black,and black is over Latino,and you can figure out the rest. On the Giants and other teams its funny- hilarious- that black AND latino ? Its like Black minus compared to Black plus African Americans.
Ya know- If Amy Gutierrez last name was Smith,her life in the spotlight would be non controversial. As it is,Giant media sticks to the "g" instead of her married name.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The idiot sports media and why Kap is why he is...

A usual the local sports media see's things like Neanderthals in sweaters.   Look,the adult view is..Colin Kaepernick is a sensitive guy. Adopted,very religious,he probably was never criticized since he did everything he was supposed to. Good grades,sports.  What a change since his rookie camp right? He used to smile and laugh with the media. That's the way it always has been he figured.  You just know that somebody wrote something he took to heart. I don't know what. BUT...
I sort of see a pattern with ethnic QBs.  The media is always attacking their intelligence. Its a facet that sportswriter who of course are instrumental in that, have a hard time dealing with them. Hasn't it been "Alex Smith was the smart one,Kap,the genetic athlete"?..being good at sports in this case is a back handed compliment. Yeah,its his position...Writers don't pull that on running backs.
Kap wants his old world back. Summer in Turlock and playing on dry dirt. It would be great if he could see above it all..but at 27?
I see more clash as the 49ers dive. And think about it..there isnt a single local writer who defends him.
He's made enough money to last the rest of his life. Too bad Harbaugh is his coach..he's undermining his QB's pro career with terrible advice.
Being sensitive when billions are at stake is heavy man..

Stan explains white cop,black man executions.

Why are prosecutors even going to a grand jury? Because they are using the system that lets cops suffer no consequences. And why so often?.ok,my theory: Its the status quo legal system trying to embarrass the Obama administration.  Its "You lie"
Let me tell you something. If these blatant cop killings had occurred during the Nixon years? DA's trying to prove how fair Republicans are, would go after some. Not all,but some.  To see in 2014,12 and 13 years old murdered- no justice .To see a black man choked hold to death clearly on video,and still that's not good enough?.that's 8 years of pent up hate of the Obama White house, and the Republicans are now over compensating in hate. Its a show of unity across the country by DA's and Police officers. You can bet every one of those officers is a registered Republican, NRA member.
This is their time

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

David Shaw the next 49er head coach.

I have to be first to say it. Besides his snooty personality fits the wealthy, snooty, Yorks. They can snoot happily together.

Fuck Billy Beane Boy up his ass. He's the worst A's player.

When will he go away? Go to Boston or NY where he can buy a championship. Billy Beane is a mental case..just a weirdly demented human being. Vain, with a superiority complex that is insufferable for the team and fans. He's vindictive..from Art Howe to Donaldson..and plenty in between. He continues to say he cant afford stars..but turned down the Red Sox job. That says worlds about Beane. He stank as a player..and he stinks as GM since you ALWAYS know his teams will fail when it matters.
It cant help that Sabean guffaws at Beane "I don't pay much attention to sabermetrics" says Sabean. Yeah,he gets and keeps his good players. Who needs a spreadsheet to understand that? Although Sabean's handling of his Latin players is subpar..another story later.
Beans and Wolff are boys playing with their toys...not sportsmen. Not winners. And they know what kind of admiration they get from the public if they point at their bank accounts proudly. Beane,when all is said and done, is just another dummy.

KRON newsroom loves me,they REALLY love me.

Wow,most of the Kron newsroom seemed to have decided to friend me. Not a mutual friend thing either- they found me as I said. Darya and Pam exempted. I wonder why? lol.
If that isn't a statement to Radnich- what is?

Ken Wayne and Mark Tamayo have a special moment..

"Its a gorgeous day" said Ken Wayne last week. "And now a gorgeous man,Mark Tamayo"   Tamayo then started doing the weather..then stopped. "You have me flustered" said Mark to Ken.  "Oh look, your blushing" said Heather Holmes to Tamayo.
 I guess if they get marooned on an island for months..we know who will eventually be on top.


The Talk chews up Nancy Stan called weeks ago.

"She's a selfish ,cold,bitch" said Sharon Osbourne. The others got in kicks too. And of course you read all that from me weeks ago on 410media from ME first.
btw- Rich isn't posting my posts reminding people of my calls. That tell you of how jealousy of  me can mean even more then money.
Leiberman is stuck between a rock and a hard

Monday, December 1, 2014

KRON people find me. Or, are hunting me down...

I got a whole mess of KRONers who want to friend me. How did they find me? Their crack journalists- that's their job,man. I think one of the woman of KRON saw that I am a devastatingly brutal handsome guy. Possible.  Even Kathy wants me in her see through blouse pic with lots of cleavage. I hope she sends me more. Why should she settle for tub of lard Radnich when she can have ethnic heat like me? The men of KRON want to be me so settle for freinding.
I will always be there for the Annies,Erica's,Vikis and even Kathy.
And Stanley.

DISH: 26 Shopping CSN?

26 Of that junk. 10 religious channels 10 all Spanish channels.  But not ch 5 or CSN?  What good is Dish then?
DISH better stay at the table..they will lose customers who are male. I would think that's a large demographic .