Tuesday, December 30, 2014

49ers,bay area media didnt deserve Harbaugh.

I don't see one local columnist or reporter hammering at the 49ers with  "Again?" Mariucci was the same story. Just me. Harbaugh will have lions success in Michigan. He wasn't going to take another NFL job with a bad team..that might lose to the 49ers.Smartly,Jim will let the NFL bring down the "gentleman" football team and the Yorks. He,will take a national title with his Heisman players- every year.
The bay area sports media are idiots. They hounded Mark and Hue Jackson. So winning wasn't enough? Now they needed to do song and dance? Make the media feel good about their pathetic living?..What did fans care?
The bay area media gives itself pats on the back. What a little world they exist in.