Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another good neighbor moves out of the hood..

With college educated daughters who grew up here,they are leaving...the stupid have driven away another good family. Most,if not all of the stupid around here are dropouts,drunks,people who place no value on education. They think its there right to dump trash. They buy things they cant really afford..so a new car goes around with huge dents since they didn't have the right insurance.
They also like to share their car music,and truly think they impress somebody with the fast starts. I only laugh when  I see them in a even junkier car since they trashed the good one. They get brave at night,they think they are so "cool" checking out for cops as they do drugs. When you see them race a Ford Fiesta you know that is rock bottom stupid- why would you want to draw attention you drive a POS like that?. Put a bag over your face,fool.
 I've seen home prices skyrocket here. But the quality of life still sucks mostly because somehow the stupid beget the stupid over generations.
If your income isn't high..why would you buy gas guzzlers? THAT'S the culture I wish I could throw vials of Ebola at.
You wouldn't miss them. None of them.