Thursday, December 18, 2014

I want to win the lotto so I can overpay for food.

When I have shopped at Whole Foods,Trader Joe's or even Safeway in wealthy burbs? Its like the Disneyland of foods. Top notch displays,adult music, and the woman along side me are thin and tall and well dressed. And they check out dark and handsome me.
When I go to my local barrio/ghetto market like Food Source? its get yer food,get the hell out-lol. And the woman are not privy to healthy eating...the thin ones are on meth. As a matter of fact Food Sources big sister,Food Maxx is usually a little better because unlike FS,Food Maxx doesn't always follow the FS axiom "If its on sale it must be stale"  Another ghetto market trick is to sell something like Cheeze I'ts at a low price..then you get home and realize they sold the rejects- the ones that taste burnt or instead of cheddar cheese taste,its stinky feet taste. I imagine those are quality control foods that should have been tossed by Cheeze it corporation,and instead were packaged and sold to low income areas. A lot of wink- wink involved.  Its the same for cookies to Moca Mix.....something off or in Moca Mix's case? it taste like regular milk. Not the creamy smooth Moca I remember.
Nope,you have to shop in Pleasanton or the Oakland hills.ect to taste what you had as a kid..fresh Chip's Ahoy's..none of that reject stuff for a dollar less.
I'm never going to pay budget prices again...when I hit the lotto.