Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm going to miss the Christmas song season.

I liked KBAY's month of Christmas songs. It seems that "Night Divine" has become the new old standard to get more air time then "White Christmas". I didn't hear one play of Silent Night. What? too Christian?.  Mariah Cary's catchy 1994,that sounds a lot like Darlene Loves early 60's Christmas song. And they were both ripped off by Kelly Clarkson derivative song who's title I don't remember.
 A hidden gem is Julian Casablanca's "I wish it was Christmas today" from SNL's Horatio Sanz.  Casablanca's arrangement and style is suspiciously like Jesus and Mary Chain.
No matter how you cut it those songs were worlds better then some new rock song from the band "My New Teenage Hard-On".  They suck,if that was a real band.