Sunday, December 21, 2014

KRON packing in the commercials..

I'm watching the start and Viki Liviakis starts reading the news like a speed reader..4 stories or so in the first minute. She was faster then the clips could keep up with..she's talking about Russia,and snow back east is the tape. And then I saw why...a looooong stretch of commercials- infomercials too began. I know she was following orders,but c'mon KRON general's,you dropped the sports segment so why the rush?  KRON is starting to be the TV equivalent of today's newspapers..the thin three sheets to "front section".  And the camera work on the job is slipping..doesn't have to be in focus and sometimes it doesn't look even to be in HD.just old 480. At first,they at least tried to make it look like the reporters had a camera man- using a tripod. Now,all they have to use is a cellphone "selfie" style.   Its still Tele VISON  kron. Clear shots should matter.
I guess my advice to lesson the commercial lengths are falling on deaf ears. Bet on it.