Saturday, December 27, 2014

Let the Leiberman blog just die..fade away.

I told him- no Happy Holidays to Stan and Kris Kraft? he scrambled today to use his false praise. Once again,he stole an idea from me with no credit given.  His blog his on a precipice..and Stan found out who he will turn on in desperation.
I  always knew he wrote most of the stan insults. But,I also figured if I knew that,so did most readers. Why else would he post the same anonymous garbage,while he complained about "clutter"?. But,ya know..when he then took it to not posting my comments...and then writing topics based on what he didn't want you to know came from me?.OK, it again on your own. The last time, you found yourself missing me. I dont need your blog. I don't need the fleas.