Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More on the drecks of local media. Kawakami,Lieberman,Jenkens

Thoughts:  Kawakami must be in true love with Beane. The over the top articles over the years Even once writing he "believes in Beane's plan" Then the A's finished last two years in a row.  It must be love driving him,because Sabean has won three World Series titles in five years..I don't remember any Tim Kawakami love,or talk of Sabean's "system" in admiration-lol.  Tim wants Billy,not Brian.
Leiberman: His idea of quality is based on his own kind and who he wishes he could be. Sometimes he differs..then he writes garbage about people of color in local media is some kind of PC shtick. Maybe they have talent. Maybe not the wonderful,awesome talent of tubby Tom Sinkovitz though!
Jenkens..a face for radio I guess. That reminds me, Yahoo sports is officially an embarrassment. It reflects Ted Griggs who might as well run Cumulus KNBR,and other lightweight fare. Its panel now is a half dozen or so people who say "I have to agree"..a million times a show. And they do.

Oh yeah,and James Woods tweety that "Al Sharpton caused the shooting of two NY cops".  I think two things -proof that Hollywood is not liberal once again, and that James Woods should go back for his sex addiction treatments. Keep him from chasing 20 year old's while he convinces himself its his good looking wrinkles and charm that does it.
A bonus.