Saturday, December 20, 2014

Paul Deano can be replaced.

I didn't like the way he blew off Veronica De Castro like she was the resident chimp.  And I didn't like Ken Bastita mugging instead of helping her out like he should have. For Bastita,that's now two female anchors- Liz Cook being the other that he sort of did the "how shallow they are" faces. If you are an expert at body language like me- a PhD in that field ( I drew the degree's myself- also a great artist!) you know what I mean.
I know that Castro might live up to the Diva thing others are now putting on her,but how hard can it be to handle that in the news and entertainment field?  There's something to her (oh I don't know,-ethnic?) that they feel doesn't give her the right,after KPIX spent a fortune to get her,to be superior?. Huh? She's the main anchor of CBS San Francisco.
From what I saw..she's the one with her feet on the ground.