Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Radnich tries to drag Pam Moore down..+ more

"You need a father to have happy children- you agree right?" he said to Pam Moore who of course lives in reality and the 21st century. "Don't bring me into this" she told him.  I think that somebody who's done the news as long as her and accepted rewards would at least answer back what she does think. Instead,Radnich holds her hostage and brings out her lack of backbone. What a pal he is.
I think Radnich must be the most hated personality at KRON by his co workers..it just manifests itself over and over. The floor director almost laughed at Radnich..and he got the evil eye emanating from the bloated host's fat head.
And that Radnich only stood for one sportscast and back to the desk? I think he whined and pouted to end that experiment. ONLY- now that he's on the right side?...he cant stick that left hand he's so ashamed of,out to grab the females like he could all the years before. I think that's another KRON management idea!

About that Pam- Raddy chemistry?  She's the enabler and martyr type. She didn't have children so Gary Radnich is her spoiled baby that can do no wrong. Mommy Pammy takes all his abuse with a smile. Obvious.