Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Stan's advice to this countries Police forces.

Tell your spokesman to shut their goddamn mouths. Shut the fuck up. Nobody is buying their excuses and they are just pissing people off. If anything, they are confirming peoples fear of the police..no sympathy for the family of the dead,no sorrow at all of what they did. When they have a big bad male spokesman boasting that the police do no wrong in a loud Irish New York cop cartoonish way,its just making the masses angry. If you don't have a female spokesman who has a kindly way,now is the wrong time to put "Knuckles and his type A cop attitude" on TV.
I know that the police around me here in the eastbay,do a good job. They don't fuck with you over a forgotten left signal on a turn. Unlike Pleasanton and the tri valley where the police,the Sheriffs,and the Highway patrol go nuts as little Napoleons.  Here? Not a major attitude. I drive by and give them the thumbs up.
BUT,those police spokes people are gasoline to the spark. Them vs Us comes through loud and clear. Who serves who I ask you?