Sunday, December 28, 2014

Viki Liviakis as hot schoolgirl. Harbaugh leaves. Raiders as laughingstocks.

Vikie had that Catholic plaid schoolgirl dress on . The more I looked,the more I started to hum "To Sir with Love"..with Viki as the hot girl in class smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Some imagination huh?

The Yorks..again,water seeks its own level. They did to Harbaugh what they did to Mariucchi. A family that can't handle success without meddling and petty bickering. Ok..hire David Shaw or maybe Sonny Lesbian. He knows offense.

The Raiders are buffoons. Carr? like the barroom QB in the parking lot quality. What a disgrace as he just dropped and fumbled the ball like a guy lit up too early in the day. Man, he should have held up a bottle of Jack Daniels as he whoo-heeed and got up. It would explain such amateur play for our once great franchise.