Saturday, January 31, 2015

Julie Haener gets emotional on ch2.

I came to 2 from a commercial during Dateline on ch11..and I see and hear Julie say voice quivering,face beet red, "He will be missed by his family,and his friends" Then Frank put his arm over  her shoulders as Julie was teary.Fade to commercial.
10 minute later,I come back Frank and Julie are happy clams. A little strange. It might be better to have waited to the end of the newscast. But,since I missed who they were speaking of,I cant say for sure. all might be part of the FOX "show reality". On cue.

Also,today Claudine was wearing a skirt..first peak at her legs. Just a matter of time before she's on the couch giving a glimpse of thighs. Its the FOX Rupert thing to do.
Claudine has nice thin legs . In case you were wondering.

Jackie Bennet's last day :A Stan review,reports.

Thanks to a faithful fan, I learned that Jackie's last day is on YouTube. Only,that link is broken. No problem,just type Jackie Bennet's last day, in YouTube search.
What wasn't said is the story. Grant (Little Gary) Lodis didn't say a thing to her. Also,"I will miss you" didn't fly in either direction..
Radnich though,did take advantage of the situation to get his hands on Jackie. I could see that coming from a mile away. Or even a 100. No clips of bloopers..just congrats,and move off the chair written all over it.
Like I said before even seeing was underwhelming.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jackie Bennet gone.Vanessa in.

I missed her last day. I just forgot while watching a movie. Cant tell ya,if she was given fanfare or Nice knowing you.
Vanessa though is in the ballpark. White,thin,young,and with big Bosoms. She does have a voice hard on the ears. Married to a Spaniard engineer.  It wont be long before she's blond. And gets that part in her hair straight.

Radnich warns Krueger: "This is my show,Larry".

Because Kreuger asked more then three questions in a row to Greg Cosell ( four) Radnich gave Kreuger the look and then dropped that on him. Kreuger said nothing jokes. He did look a bit steamed. I'm sure Kreuger would say he wanted to talk about the Super Bowl and not Las Vegas basketball in 1971. Or, was it the who married who from CHIPS?. Either one or both.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jed hires poker buddies after world wide search.

Deciding that the guys in the office were the best the world offers,he assembled the Sunday night crowd. "Oh,and by the way guys" Jed says as he sipped Dos XX's beer with one hand and fumbled the corn chips in the dish with the other. "Could you also coach the team?" ..then Jed said "pass the lime".

Radnich: I cant work with people I dont like. Why not? the rest of us do.

"I just can't" says Radnich like a 65 year old boy. We do,we all work with jerks and assholes. Now,always, or from time to time. You can also tell Radnich,half of KRON or more,work with him. They cant stand him. But,they have bills to pay and don't live on candy cane lane like he does.
You know what gets me? Not even off air will his staff tell him how privileged he comes off,how spoiled and elitist he sounds. Or is.
That's the conservative's world.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Radnich producer shuts up Rick Barry. Totally unprofessional by KNBR.

After getting what they wanted out of Rick Barry in an interview,Barry tried to end the talk with a mention of a banquet in late summer. "It's being put together by somebody you know,Rich Lieberman" Barry says to Radnich. "You do know Rich Lieberman?"...and right then Mike the producer hung up on the Warrior great

No thank you Rick,no goodbye Rick,no Rick we love you . Just cut him off like he was a evil person-lol.
I can't believe the producer wont be punished.
Radnich is such a baby.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lets all rip off Marvin Gaye.

First it was Robin whats his name last year. Now? My niece listens to 101.3 and I hear what sounds like
"Lets Get It On" one of the greatest songs ever and easily recognizable no matter how you try to steal from it.
Somebody call the police.

The Vanishing Sarah Palin commercial.

Twice now I've seen seen her commercial for her new cable show. Twice,I tried to reverse the DVR to see her shake her booty slutty like. Both times? the commercial deleted itself,gone,poof. THAT'S a new one.  You can almost hear her advisers wanting that to keep the images used against her. Maybe.
Lets see if I can catch it again...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Manly man movie: Valhalla Rising. Stan reviews..

I caught this 2009 movie on cable. Dirty ,gritty,visceral,grubby and cold and stark. Then you add violent. Great movie,never heard of it before. The landscape reminds me of when I was a kid we drove through Nevada,Wyoming,Colorado and New Mexico in winter. I would look out the window at the open fields in snows of Wyoming,and imagine I could walk to the North Pole from there and never see a man or building.
This movie brought that back. Imagine,you are dropped in the middle of nothing of the far have no idea of where to find food ,water...not a friend for who knows how many miles. Then,fight people who would kill you like they would an animal.
For some reason its always more violent to me if a movie has a victim beaten to death by a club,then if by gun or star wars laser,etc.  Just beat and mash. Without giving away the scenes,I think you got the idea.
Good- very good movie. It creates a feel.
Check it out.

Is Youtubes, TVMan 1981 the REAL Stanley Roberts?

That handle reminds me of the one the kid uses in Transfomers..

BUT, tvman1981 on YouTube answers like he is Stanley Roberts. Is he or not?  Did i misunderstand something?
Well,it doesn't change that Radnich called SR a "snitch".

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Message to Stanley Roberts from Stan.

My blog has been corrupted to the point I need too make posts short or they freeze. And I cant see what the replies to my posts say. Only by email notification do I see any questions. Thus to answer you-

Somebody on YouTube using your name and photo posted the clip of Radnich calling you a snitch over and over. Now,to further make it sound like an offiicial Stanley Roberts "channel" he's answering questions as you. I thought it wasn't like you to say "LOL".
As to find it,just google "Radnich calls (you) a snitch".

My blog..the only blog on the internet I have to work to see..whew. Reinstall,! Somebody hates to see the truth.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gary Radnich updates,Stan reports:

Of course we know he's Tweeting. KRON's new exec created that.
He's doing the 5:45 news with sports. That's the first time in decades he's done the 5 o'clock. I think KRON exes are tired of Radnich saving his energy for KNBR. They pay too with real American money. Sure he's getting something for one more newscast. But if he had said no? Not like before. The young execs are on to him.
Radnich today "He's got a crack in his armor"  He and the media read this blog. If he wants to slur crackheads?  I'm fine with that.

I saw tension between he and Grant Lodis. Raddy was not happy Lodis was not paying attention to Radnich doing the sports. Radnich even said "I cant get Grant to even look up at me"..Lodis being no dog who wants to watch his master with perky ears..ignored Radnich. Something more to that between them two....

A Stan message to Ann Killion:

Are you nuts?-lol. "The Giant players are family oriented,they don't party"..hee-hee. Are you kidding me? The Giants have the most celebrated tweeker in sports- to the ruination of a career. Also,Buster,baby Giraffe and all the rest are going weeks and months during the baseball season without sex? Follow those "pure" men on the road how they hold the bible up to the hot groupies at the nightclub who would do anything to bag a wealthy young stud Yeah,that's what they do,say no!
Those players don't know the meaning of no.

And don't insult fans with Pablo left because he's soooo lonely and insecure he needs Papi to hold his hand.
Pablo left because IF ANYTHING Papi told him "Boston respects its star (and Latin) players" That's why he left.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bay Area media and Pablo Sandoval and the Giants too.

Ann Killion might be a nice person but,she and the local Anglo media dont know shit about what Pablo Sandoval was thinking. Killion on Yahoo gave some asinine opinion that Pablo went to Boston to party.  "With Big Papai" says the bigoted Jim Korzimor.  Stan knows. NO  party. Pablo can party in any city in the World.
The reason he left and what nobody in the local media would dare say but me is..the Giants have a bad history of late in how they treat and value their Latin players. I trace it back to Benji Molina. After he had a done a great job as catcher helping Lincecum to two Cy Youngs,how did Sabean let him know he was traded? He told Andy Baggs. Molina read it in the paper. I've noticed- its obvious- when you fall over yourself to sign Huff or Ross and just piss on Uribe,somethings wrong with your value system based on how well somebody speaks English,not play baseball, seems like. The Giants just don't treat the Latinos as well. Pablo too fat? The Giants ripped him in the media. Lincecum and his drug habit or whatever caused the huge weight losses? The Giants passed the insane story of how it depends on how many hamburgers he ate. Crazy.
With Pablo,they humiliated their best hitter.

Ann says the multimillionaire Pablo left to party because the Giant anglo players are Saints?-LOL Bull- shit, Annie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stan writes new movie "American Zombie Sniper"..seeking investors.

I notice that there have been a whole lot of snipering in movies the last few years. I think it mostly goes back to Saving private Ryan. Remember the part where the Nazi sniper pans to the right and see's our boy aiming at him? Then,you had Mark Walberg make a movie about a sniper out to kill the evil Dick Cheney like character...then you had the science fiction movie with Angelina Jolie as a super sniper of bullets that could go across town AND curves-lol!  Inglorious Basterds...just a plethora of sniperism. America can't get enough of the fantasy that one man with one gun can out shoot machine guns and bazookas.
And,everything in movies or TV is Zombie. Zombism is like pot..they put it in everything. Zombies comedy's,commercials,PSA's for drunk driving..HBO and ten other pay channels have El Zombie.

He's a Zombie,yet he's a sniper! So I wrote the above title. Its as far as a I got. Seeking 20mill and I promise a walloping good time movie,fun for the whole family and with thrills. Yet,scholarly.  Email me.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pam Moore and Alma Daetz walk on MLK's grave to pick up a buck.

With Pam Moore it was the height of gall that she talked about honoring MLK's birthday. The women had no shame. They will give the naive the excuse "they are honoring by working" Bullshit,they are two woman with no sense of dignity. Just make a buck to shop at Neiman Marcus- who I'm sure they honor all the time.
The irony at KRON? Pam Moore and "I'm more brother then the brothers- Gary Radnich" also wouldn't respect MLK.  Radnich said nothing in the great ones honor all day.

 Oh,the other irony? Jackie Bennet did take the day off.

p.s.: Spencer Christian wouldn't use a sick day off either. The three of them? "MLK? he died a long time ago didn't he? Something about marching bands? Hey,I need all my vacation days for Hawaii".

I don't get it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

On Radnich calling Stanley Roberts "A snitch" on YouTube.

When Stanley Roberts himself posts that clip on YouTube?  I would take his answer to a commenter that "Radnich isn't a racist,he was having fun at my expense-LOL"
I would take that as sarcasm? I dont think of SR as a LOL kind of guy for one,and the fact he even posted it tells me he didn't like being called a snitch over and over.
The fact that good old Stanley cant even say "He pissed me off" at being insulted, shows Radnich's bully power.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Radnich gives a rip to Wendy Tokuda and Vicky Ngyen in 24 hours.

The man when angered? Goes 100% racist. His jokes about Asian anchors,their height,their culture. confirm everything about that bigot I've written.  One Radnich trick after ripping Wendy? He says how much he likes her.
I myself have heard Radnich claim that one local anchor "Is a good friend of mine"..and he was lying through his teeth. No,not that he didn't know- he KNEW that anchor was no friend. Radnich like the lying bigot he is has no problems being a sociopathic liar. Like Bill Cosby. He's just like him.

I tell you,its no wonder half the newsroom of KRON got together and asked to friend me,Stan. The gods truth. Its all because they can't stand Gary Radnich. Its not so much me they like- although I am lovable- its that they want the spear carrier to take on Radnich. They hate him.


I had to think about this one. BUT, she is all into pushing the Radnich agenda ON TV.  So,if she comes off like an elitist bitch to me,that's what she must be. After all,her constant spending on the best money can buy- but not need- is why Radnich hasnt retired RADNICH says.
And if she has some psychological condition like OCD- as RADNICH describes her following guest with a can of Lysol and wiping down everything the guests touch..then I guess that's what she has.
If she brags she has the same curtain designer as  Warren Beatty.. I guess, Alicia's hands aren't skilled. She has people who do everything for her as she spends the Raddy money. THAT'S WHAT RADNICH says.
He has a younger wife who spends so much money he cant retire. He's said that many times.
Oh,and the Mike Savage? That tells you what's in her mind. SHE IS NOT one of "those" kind of black people. Like the ones who vote for Obama?

Nissan and Lexus sponsor Asian hater GARY RADNICH.

Time for people to write those corporations - send in your complaints!

GARY RADNICH says African Americans only voted for OBAMA BECAUSE HE'S BLACK.

According to GARY RADNICH,African Americans are too stupid to have decided to vote for the best candidate- like Gary does- and instead only vote for Obama because he's black. Pam Moore agrees.
GARY RADNICH also says " Richard Nixon was one the best Presidents this country ever had- history proved him right"..Really? what history? That he resigned in disgrace never happened?.
You dumb mother fucker Gary Radnich..dumb,racist piece of shit I hope you choke on your wine and cheese.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


"Oooh,I took Vicodin before I drove here this morning" He said on KNBR. Impaired driving. His license should be revoked and the very least his Insurance sky "high"

"I drive through four way stops and red lights on my way home" "I can see nobody is close to me"..and  "Why wait at a red light late at night?" "I see its clear.I go".  This is a 65 year old man with a car that has windows darkly tinted talking about how he drives in San Francisco at 2 am.

He joked about Vicodin a few times. Then I put a stop to it. I should have let him keep talking. Then we would know why he has so many fender benders or one day wraps himself around a tree.

Gary Radnich of KRON TV and KNBR radio mocks people with Cancer..

On Kareem Jabbars battle with cancer Radnich said this: "Why doesn't he keep it to himself?" said a disgusted Radnich. "Stop talking about it"..went the buffoon and ignoramus.

On Jerry Wests clinical Depression: " What does he have to be depressed about? Why would people who have everything and say they are depressed?"..."And why talk about it?" Radnich laughed after Jerry West had hung up. Laughed at West. I guess West and Jabbar should only say the important things the asshole Radnich says.

On a old an old announcer who said his biggest fear was dying alone in a hotel room. What did that fucking bat shit crazy Radnich do? He laughed and giggled as the old man spoke seriously. Radnich was the coldest man on Earth,and Radnich thinks that's just great.

BIGOT GARY RADNICH on Asian people.

"And Gavin Newsome got out of his car in Chinatown and said Gee,I can see over everybody here- their short".
Rick Quan: "He thinks HE'S LIKE US".

On Wendy Tokuda: " She said to me don't you value education?"  "I told her, what does a kid signing a huge contract need a degree for!"  Well,you fucking idiot Radnich since you like to do storie of black Athletes who SQUANDERED their fortune and are now sleeping in a car. Hey fucking moron- you think a skill and a degree might come in handy?

Emerald Yee "She was furious I told people she would be out of town on vacation" You didn't like her,and wanted to give her something to worry about you rat Radnich. Go to hell you coward.

"I like white woman and I like black woman- NOTHING IN BETWEEN"..His bigotry out there for all to see and hear.

Gary Radnich of KRON TV admirers CHILD MOLESTERS.

First in a series as we look as to who he has praised on air,and said he admired.  Michael Jackson "He didn't do it- those boys lied"  R.Kelly "Just because he molested doesn't mean he's less than a genius". "I watch his video's"  Radnich has a 14 year old daughter. How twisted is that?
And.. "You can't blame Joe Paterno". What a fucker Radnich is.
He said these things folks..I'm not making them up. Ask- Dibley- Scott.

Gary Radnich is a bigot, Asian hating racist.

Let Google send the word. He and his cronies are racist. Pero,and KRON, and KRON execs are part of his anti Asian rants,jokes and a forum.
I going to write black bear,Ace, and who ever else sponsors the garbage he spews. The American way.

Radnich starts show with racist ASIAN SLUR.

The man who hates Asians,started his show with :I see the CHINK in Steve Kerr's armor". Nobody has forgotten the Lin slur to make that mistake. NOBODY. And Radnich must be in a full on racist taunts day.  Scott and Krueger heard it..didn't say a thing. I know Radnich MEANT IT as a racist crack..because when he says something he knows will be wrong? He starts lifting himself up and down his chair..body language
dont lie.
A basketball joke? No Radnich hating Asian people- again. Ask Emerald,Rick,Wendy and any other Asian media.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Media makes terrorism look like fun for all.

You get to run around shooting big guns!, shoot everybody you don't like! Get your name and photo on all the channels. Be famous! Its just like a realistic video game. That's what angry young people see. They see the glamour,the MTV's real world,maybe make you a star the chicks will want. ALL for you, a nobody in a job you hate. What the media doesn't show is- your brains spilled on the curb,your head split open by large caliber police fire..the eyeball in the gutter.  What does the media do? They show the young terrorist rushing police, guns blazing,THEN the media freeze frames it! Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,or every 70's comedy. Come back next week young terrorist.
You want to slow terrorism ?..lets see the punks drenched in blood, the shame of their family that thought they had a college student child.
I don't know whats worse in the fight against them..the glamour of  TV or the FBI entrapping people with mental illness,then congratulating themselves they foiled a plot. A plot that they created- yeesh.

Kreuger defanged,Scott declawed..Pam Moore=Camille.

Those consultants that are talked about,must have decided that the Radnich co-hosts have to pull back the zingers. Scott no longer does the "who cares?" She's silent as can be when Radnich does the Mike Sam's slurs or woman shouldn't box bigotry. The old man's grip on his career is not as tight,a so he's pulling in the fences.
Pam Moore? The woman who accepts awards for African American woman,and who takes weeks,MONTHS, off a year at KRON- THEN shows up to work on Martin Luther Kings birthday? Like its another day,not worth taking time off to honor.What a phony.  She's fooled many in the bay area..but I see through her. Behind that smile is a greedy woman,self self centered she cant even have a marriage.It would mean truly caring. She, like Camille Cosby, would rather embrace a baffoon and keep the checks flowing.She's smooth,I give her that.
One day they will be off air. We the real bay area will be better off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Del Rio ...not a bad idea.

I would feel much better if two things were known. 1: If Tom Flores was in on the interviews and gives local boy Del Rio thumbs up. I myself hesitate on Madden..he's all good old boy oriented,not so much Raider ball. I don't think there is a snowball chance in hell Flores wanted Allen hired. Madden did.
 2:Del Rio? needs to hire a Hue Jackson type. But,would he?
I do think Mark Davis needs to stop fucking around trying to be the anti Al. Use what he taught you. Distill the very best. THAT'S what Raider fans want.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Radnich yanks wife around...twice.

The first time you could rack it up to being playful. That was at 6:45. But when he did it again at 8:45 to his wife,even Moore gave that a funny look. Twice he had grabbed his wife's arm,pulling her off of her box (their words) as she stumbled.

By the second time it read "I told you,I don't want you on that pedestal". So, he manhandled her. Pulled her off the wife pedestal. To the level where she belongs.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Gasia quotes Stan to TMZ.

She asked Harvey  Levin, "In your experience.."..he looked aback. Why?  Because I had written that question posed to Levin as a joke on 415 media earlier in the day. Levin got a taste of the guy who outed ESPN and the Lin slur. Just the tip of my talents.

Lacob proves white corporate coaches are better then black spiritual coaches.

Joe made his point. Learn and understand?
Besides,we've seen this before. Kerr is doing fine with Singletary's players...get my drift?
The bar is high for Kerr now. Good for us. Not so good for him.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Phylicia Rashad needs to shut the hell up. Greedy bitch.

As her loss of revenue dries up from Cosby show reruns being pulled all over the country, she sounds panicky with greed,calling Bill Cosby's accusers as part of a conspiracy. What she means is..$6-10 million dollars a year just had the tap turned off. Her residuals.
She always was pretentious. Same for her concern for Bill Cosby's legacy..

Kill terrorists,not kids.

Military like and armed Terrorists..and then you have kids playing with plastic. I can tell the difference. AND nobody trained me.

The Real or German Opera in the 1930's?

I'm watching ARTS and then over to the Real talk show. I get the feeling that "The ARTS" channel is what North Korea shows 24/7..only its worshiping their own culture,rather then the Third Reich's. Lets see,ARTS historical films of  German high society at play in the snow fronting the Opera, and the mono-culture countries? or one where you have black,half black half Asian,and Latino black woman? I take the latter!

Still,you have learn in order not to repeat the past. Heck,Hallmark and Family channel during the Christmas season showed movies of happy beautiful and successful families greeting each other surrounded by white snow. If you get my (snow) drift.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Our countries police need to be reigned in.

Enough of this display of fascism. Its almost comical to see them turn their backs on the mayor of New York like petulant schoolgirls. How entitled it tells the world. "We cant be wrong". "Unrepentant" by police across this country is driving a larger wedge between them and us.
I haven't read any politician other then Obama call them down. Its obvious by the way they feed at the taxpayer trough taking paid for courses in sensitivity as they laugh openly in classes.  The rolling fortresses they drive,the armed to the teeth response teams. All to take down children or mentally ill,or somebody who lost a job or wife. "I thought he had a Confederate musket" says the cop about the 8 year old. "So I shot him eight times". And then,no charges from the equally damnable District Attorneys.
Police officers for the most part are pro NRA.enhancing the kill by gun society. Only,they aren't killing the mafia members,or gang for them they wait for backup. The crazy guy walking down the street with pruning shears HE they take down with fatal results. Those officers should be spending the rest of their lives behind bars. Nothing was done.
Over and over..police kill, they know their will be no consequences. Now, stolen nudie photos?- out of the force.
Its a farce.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stan to buy notepad for new year...

I have had some great ideas for topics..and then forget them before I can write about them. So,to help this blog,I'm going to use a note pad. Too many late night ideas are gone by morning. Paper and pen are not obsolete.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stan reports on KRON happenings..

DAMN! Victoria Liviakas shouted live on air at yet another KRON computer glitz.  I didn't think it showed much,but her cursing seemed like one of those "I had enough!"..damns.

Nice to see so many KRONers are dog people. What a shame Grant Lotis smoozes Radnich who of course hates all animals.

I see Stanley Roberts is putting links on his FB account.  Why doesn't he put my blog? I'm fighting corruption,bigotry,all that's wrong in the media.  And I point out the purty girls.

I'm digging Maureen Kelly at kron.  Keep an eye on her.