Friday, February 27, 2015

I will take Curry and Love over Lebron and Klay any day..

The Warriors are as I said preseason..a playoff team. A playoff team with a rotation of broken down centers and a 6' 7"  player who rebounds like he's 5' 7". Klay is so quick to run downcourt he doesn't even think rebound. Love? He thinks 30 points,30 rebounds,30 assists...that's his mindset ALL the time.
The Warriors had a chance to be something special this year. Instead? They are playing better then last year. That's all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Radnich says BayAreaSportsGuy a tool for KNBR. + more!

You heard him. "We had a PD who used bayareasportsguy for leaks".  And that backs up what I have said about that fake. He takes freebies because they aint free. He knows who to keep quiet about to get those freebies. Although it was funny to see Radnich acting at his most sincere best when early on he claimed "Who's Steve Berman and bayareasportsguy?" That was before he admitted the "Leaks" story. Liars can never get it straight-lol.
I get a lot of cross readers from that blog. So now you know how yet another from the crayon of the same color made it in local sports talk. The other colors are like brand new,no matter how old they are. Think about that for awhile.

 ADDED:See? basg hasn't said a DAMN THING!..quiet. Since when does he not RUN to his blog to post about Radnich has to say about him? this time! They all deserve each other.

Radnich gets racist over Curry visiting our President of the United States.

Gary Radnich was so pissed off at Curry going to the White House that he wanted to curse so instead he did his code curse "We have to find a CHINK in Curry's armor" He was never going to call Curry a "Tom" as he likes to do. So he did a "Gary".  You see Radnich racist attitudes with African American's is to praise the stereotypes of A.A. dancers singers and basketball players,then hate the political African Americans who lean to the left.  You could tell,that Radnich had made up his mind hours early he wanted to say CHINK  because he hesitated by working up the bigot attitude on the word to go ahead with the plan.
Radnich has a real problem with Asians,he doesnt like the culture,he doesn't understand it. Like he says  "I like white woman,I like black woman,and nothing in between". It don't stop there.
One day on KRON he's going to blink,fall over and have a cardiac. I will then stand up and applaud.

Too much Woopi Goldberg on the View

I know she's the oldest,the richest,the most famous on the View. She fought to take over when Barbara Walters  left. BUT!,  man,she's gotten overbearing,smothering the show. That's what happens when you've been wealthy and famous for so long you take it as always being right. Always being right in a group of 4 or 5 isn't a good look.  And now that she parlayed her back into a throne of a chair (that will never go away no matter that she's healed and the show is only 45 minutes minus commercials. No,that's a prop that's staying-lol)Her ridiculous clothing has to be embarrassing to the others. Or the garish display of jewelry. Its not enough she wears rings..she's like Mad Max 3000 with weird finger shields,and hanging pendants. Woopi is like the anti humble God.
Her Bill Cosby defense? Amazing that she laughed at Beverley Johnson who said she was drugged by the mass rapist. If Woopi didn't play the "I'm black,so I can laugh at her" card,then I don't know what is. Despicable. I'm sure any others on the showed would have been fired for laughing on air at a rape story by the victim.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lowell Cohn: I liked Jim Harbaugh. "Huh?" sez me.

I heard that on Yahoo at 5 a few days ago.  I cant think of anybody who disliked Harbaugh more then Lowell Cohn. He HATED Jim Harbaugh. I would believe if he said "I'm glad he's gone and don't let the door hit his ass on the way out.
Next thing ya know Lowell is going to say he supports the players who smoke weed. "I always liked Cheech and Chong."  Yeah,whose works are big at Stanford's social studies.

Sabean says Korzimor types "Lunatic Fringe"

For beating the "Pablo is fat" drum. To normal people,Pablo has more then proven what he can do.To argue otherwise is why Sabean calls them "lunatic fringe"

More Danvillians...

Jessica Aguirre,Ann Notorangelo, Diane Dwyer. Diane was a surprise. She seems so San Francisco. Maybe she doesnt mind the drive to meet hipsters.

Once again I want to remind that my blog is the hardest most difficult site for me to write on. The freezes are horrific,and if i later want to edit quickly..cant be done. I've left out some funny shit because It would take too long.
No virus or malware the programs all tell me. SO then why just this one? It gets worse as the day goes on...further limiting my strike time-lol.
I could have won a Pulitzer,instead I might win just a pew....

Monday, February 23, 2015

Raddy says Melissa Etheridge sounds like a man.

"Why was she there?" asked Radnich about the Lesbian singing at the Sharks game I think it was. I really don't pay much attention to the Caucasian Hockey League. I don't feel the inclusive warmth of the ice you might say.
So anyways,Raddy goes on..and Kreuger says nothing,but somebody whispered to him in his ear. Radnich had forgotten about Kate Scott. Happens when you're 65 .  He's a natural blurter also.

No,it wasn't a hate tirade...actually kind of funny how he had to dig himself out of that later. He took shots at "old white men." later. Even Stevens.
 I guess.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Its a long way to the top if you want to blog and roll...

 Odds and end observations,
Watching a program on AC/DC a band that broke it big at the height of my youth. And 30+years later look it. Thin hair,gray hair and one song with a 1,000 variations. The early ones had meat,the last 20 years are like cartoon versions. Doesn't matter. Just buy the greatest hits.
I watched "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise..who throws a baseball like a girl. A sidearm push throw. Same for Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers" threw that football even more girl like then Cruise.

I saw War of the Worlds,Independence day,Prometheus,Battleship and a few other Aliens invade the Earth movies last week. Hows it,that they are super advanced and yet,want to fight us hand to hand? Or,we always have some Jewish computer nerd who outsmarts them with Windows 95? And we do it with some 10 year old blond girl screaming in the good guys ear? Always.

So Radnich thinks people like me are "peons"? If that's not elitist what is? bordering racist. Besides,if he says he only takes criticism from family or "famous people" (isn't that elitist ?) then why the hell does he call people who rip him on text or email? Oh well.

And whats the deal with the English who come to America and then rip Mexicans?  Def Leopard, Top Gear, Elton John. They are repulsed by the sight of them. No wonder America killed to get away from that thinking. Then,we killed the Extraterrestrials in a fair fight. Don't mess with ANY American.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I wonder,does Stanley Roberts carry and conceal?

I know well some of those areas he goes to from Oakland to Hayward. I can tell you ,I wouldn't stick my head in anybody's car window no matter how much they smile. "HAHAHA (like Deniro) I ain't behaving bad"- BOOM!..and then something bad happens. He cant also always have a cop around as he lugs that camera stuff around.
If he's not carrying something registered,then if I was Stanley Roberts I would carry a telescoping nightstick- with spikes on the end.
I myself have heard more then once  "shut me up" and "gun". Its part of not being part of the problem when you live in certain areas. This area of mine is certain.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pam Moore on Selma? Is that a joke? SNL SPECIAL a late review...

She never honors MLK Day,as I have noted here. She even this year did as I predicted..showed up on MLK day,then took off a day later in the week. She has strong principles!..unless money is involved. And it always is isn't it? I guess she see's this as good for the scrapbook of her's. And that's about all.

The SNL was better then I thought it would be. Some sad- Chevy Chase has to be ill. He's bloated and his voice was weak. The contrast with his 1975 self was like another universe.
No Dennis Miller..ah HE should be the ill one that prick. If there was ever a whore comic,its Dennis Miller. No Jay Mohr aka Little Dennis.  I cant stand the guy. He's dragged down every talk show he's been on.

Ok. that's out of the way. But seeing all the GOOD parts was warm and fuzzy...I remember the advertising for a new show on the weekends in 1975..supposed to be hipper then 'Rock Concert' on  ABC. My first impression? An American Monty Python..what ch9 had started showing before SNL hit the air. It took awhile..I think what turned the corner? The Richard Pryor hosted show . I laughed until it hurt when he said "Dead Honky!"..the look on his face,the  Yeah,It sort of ripped off All in the Family..but that was THE episode that broke the show wide open.
At least I think that. And I'm still alive.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Krazy Jim Kozimor is at it again!

He never learns..that's whats krazy. His Pablo Potshots are right up there with "LeBron James is a loser" proclamation of three years ago or so. "Pablo is fat" sez Jim.
Pablo Sandoval has THREE World Series title rings so,as Kawakami and Ratto (again the same guests) pointed out- why even bring up Pablo's weight? Its insane to pick on the title and all star MVP- (a MVP year that gave the Giants home field that year btw),for something that adds up to school yard fatso slurs after his huge accomplishments. What more could he do? Wear a cape?.

Jim Cozimor wants to bring the golf clubhouse thinking to Yahoo. No matter where you find that,its always wrong.

You read the real reason Pablo left the Giants right here. I haven't heard a thing since to change what I know is the truth.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interesting insight into Radnich world today,read on...

Besides validating all I say about the guy..he said that KRON was putting him to work in Arizona-first time in years or decades- and then Raddy said something odd. "I'm bringing my son to Arizona,but I'm not taking him in to the clubhouse to meet the players" "I wont do that". He's having Marty Lurie take his son instead. Why? Is it because Giant players dislike Radnich that much? SO much he knows not to risk getting ribbed by them? Or?  Kate didn't ask.Larry Didn't ask  Hmm,what else could it be?
Besides that,I think he's paying back the money he stole from KRON in 2010,2012,and 2014 when he never as much as did one single report from ATT. 2014 I'm sure of..the other years are more in the "as I now think back".
Imagine being a sport director and bragging that you can cover the home team better at home watching on tv when the World Series is right across town. Unbelievable. So, Deb's Prez of KRON I think she is,seems to want him to do more then sit and chat for her quarter mill. Right she is.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who's Jed kidding?

Look,he's got an issue with getting respect from those who know much more then he. Tomsula? or is it Tom Cable?,,whats the difference? Jed hired who will make Jed seem presidential. I blame his mom. "Jed" what the hell kind of name is that for a rich kid?,unless its Clampett.   Its like his mom guessed on what will be the next "Troy" or "Tyler" 35 years ago,and boy did she guess wrong.
And,Jed is scaring people because he's making the same mistake over and over..none of that learning stuff. No,he's even saying the same things "Searching the world". Heard that. "We have a system" heard that too.
I mean,luck is trying to help Jed. Harbaugh signed on even though Jed low balled him compared to what the Dolphins had offered. .He could have had Fangio take over for a handshake this time. Jed blew that . Instead he went out and got something called a Prog Marottee. I think its a software. Maybe Windows 2000 package?
8-8 next year is a high water mark. Seeing the 49ers go from a high level back to 2000 is going to hurt. Bad.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life after death? maybe. But I know there's death after life .

You cant win in other words.  Until next time....

Lets all move to Danville!..rub elbows with local celebs...

Over the years I heard that Duane Kuiper lives there (with his solar panels) Billy Beane lives in does Tori Campbell and her banker hubbie. Wondo lives in Dannyville too. And Greg Papa who no doubt is part of the majority Republican voters there. I know I've heard of others..I cant remember them all. Roberta Gonzales? Tony LaRussa? maybe. John Madden lives nearby in Pleasanton and Curry in Moraga. Ann Notorangleo and Julie Haener live there.
I've been there...sort of Oregon or Missouri in California wealthy. I'm sure dominated by HOA and why it looks all the same. Everybody's thin and blond. Nice people. I  mean,I would feel better walking at night there then in my own hood. Actually,LOTS better walking there.
Money cant solve everything,but it can sure solve stress...and people there are in bliss.

Me? I hit the lotto..I dont want to live where the summers are so hot as in the tri valley. I like Fremont..up in the low hills facing southwest for nice mild winters day. If I hit megalotto?..ferget norcals winters...I'm going to where the weather is always nice. Could be Hawaii,could be Guadalajara,could be Brisbane in Australia.
That would be nice.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Radnich gives it to Pam More once again..and Steven Jackson.Plus updates

Again,after that putdown of her only doing charity events if there is a camera? came up again and Radnich in trying to prove he can say anything and his "friendship" with enabler Pam can survive it. What he does is tease her about shooting hoops and why? she said "I wanted to try a few,that's all"...after a pause as Raddy thinks of a "witty" comeback, he says "Two words, Brian and Williams" could hear the air leave the studio,as calling your lead anchor a liar probably isn't good form.
By the next sports segment...Radnich tried to get out of it all by telling the camera "I have a good heart,I might be a jerk sometimes,but my heart is good". Well,if you have to tell people all the time you have a good heart?..ya know. I also don't hear anybody around him offering that opinion. Ever. Just never comes out of their mouths. Unless of course he pins them down to say it. What can you do if your Krueger or Scott? be honest?..nah.
One more..Mike the producer said that Raddy always called former Warrior Steven Jackson "Little Cock". He didn't mean the chicken.
Somebody tweet that to SJ. I wonder what he thinks of Radnich naming his package?( as Justine would say -inside joke)
Pam Moore must have emotional problems to take the putdowns over and over and then say "give me more"  I say must,but I mean she does. I've heard and read enough of her to know. Radnich like a predator see's it. He will say anything at her expense for a laugh. Its like two selfish people make one big nightly wreck.
I think its interesting that the Radnich views also about people "If you've never raised a family..." And as he's saying that Pam Moore and Kate Scott have to hear how abnormal they must be.

Radnich said the other day "If I don't bother you,then don't bother me".
He bothers me.
It bothers me too,that Executives- conservative politically- have him on air from morning to late at night on TV and radio. That's a lot of spouting of  Radnich stupidity bothering me. It bothers me he hates Asians,and there are Asian car manufactureres who sponsor him. Sponsor the man who puts down those little Asian cars!.
That bothers me too.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tim Kawakami dismantles Krazy Jim Kozimor.

The discussion was about the Chicago LL team caught cheating. Then Jim Korzimor gets weird..he starts talking like those 12 years old were criminals. He said "They disgraced the name of  Jackie Robinson" to that Kawakami and Ratto both said- "They are kids,it was the adults who coveted them,put them on the team". Krazy Jim went on "But Jackie Robinson is sacrosanct ,they dragged his name in the mud"  Kawakami said "Who dragged his name in the mud- they are kids on a team with his name. Jackie Robinson has nothing to do with it AND I can't believe you've even taken the conversation there"...Kozimor looks at Kawakami and says "You don't think those kids knew??" "Wahh?? What do you want Jim,to put them in jail?!"said Kawakami. Kozimor never once blamed the adults. He wanted to kick around the 12 year olds...TWELVE!
Kozimor is like that other nutty conservative George Will. He wraps himself in the flag and wants to  punish kids for playing baseball.
Wrap yourself it Jim- then leap off a slightly deep cliff. It will cushion the hurt-lol.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

GARY RADNICH puts Pam Moore in her place.

Yesterday: Radnich was retelling one of same old tales and says to Pam Moore "I must have told this a few times". Pam Moore like the perfect enabler friend said "I dont mind,tell me. Then,tell me again in the break!"..Like she's his best friend in the world. Radnich then goes on " The KRON event we are having on Sunday" as he's talking the film shows Moore at this event. "Oh,there's Pam" sez Raddy "She only shows up at community charity events if there's a camera around" at that she gave him the evil glare-lol. Radnich seeing that,turns in the other direction "Grant,maybe you want to know more ".
After she fawned over his story- he gives her a kick in the ass!
I love reporting over shallow people and their ways.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Papa and Lund are the cancer of local media.

They reach the all time low. I can hardly believe that Mark Davis and Ted Grigs feel no shame in having such a low life represent their teams and network. Damon Bruce said sports were for men,and all hell broke loose.  Greg Papa after doing a story on performing animal abuse to the point the animals was bleeding and needed a veterinarian,laughed.  And his answer to critics is to dig the hole (or in his case asshole) deeper.  That's what egotistical shallow people do . NOW,if Greg Papa was suspended or lost a job?..Ohhhh NOW they see how what they did as wrong.  Its right out of corporate asshole manual.
It shows how sports media can deal in millions maybe billions of dollars...and Greg Papa can live in that conservative idiots worlds.
I'm glad Fitzgerald took his job.  I hope Greg's other worst enemy (whoever it should be) takes his Raider job. The sooner the better.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Greg Papa,the worst person in the world.

Animals bleeding from abuse. Greg Papa laughs. You need that one more dollar that bad? The sooner 95.7 goes under the better.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Stan holding the mirror up to Greg Papa.

That's what the last few posts have been about. Holding the mirror to local media.  Its always no holds barred towards animals? Then get no holds barred to my reaction.
Lund and Papa are two money grubbing cowards. Do that same shit in front of an audience. Or on Comcast Greg.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Greg Papa and Lund afternoon ZOOphilia SHOW!

Not you're Mom's radio Zoo Show,NO!,Greg Papa's Zoophilia and animal abuse show!..Hilarious! Complete with animal and child molester interviews!..Republican party humor at its best!
Wild and Crazy 95.7!  Jason Barrets loins are all over this show.
Are  you offended? Get you're head checked man!,this is genius "And then the bleeding animal was taken to the vet"..Greg Papa is on another level!
And Greg does it all the time.
Greg knows any slime in a port! He's all capitalist. Where's ISIS when you need them? Ho ho ho!.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Raiders should fire Papa and hire...Bob Fitzgerald.

As Papa shows his true colors on his radio show..I'm sure that it was his own ego that cost him the Warrior job. If he hadn't been full of himself and brushing off the team waiting for him to make a decision,he wouldn't have been let go
And ya know? Bob as a Raider voice sounds like a marriage..I wouldn't mind homerism with the Raiders. They sure need it..

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Greg Papa ,degenerate.

When he allows a bit on his show with Lund to be about bestiality and animal abuse,I think the Raider voice has sank to scum level. For his love of the dollar- and 95.7's- somehow not only talk of the pain and suffering of those animals,they laugh. Giggling like :something's wrong with them".children. The kind that light animals on fire.
They are true conservatives..anything for a dollar . Whoring at others pain. Including mine,twice now being caught off guard with the Republican sense of humor.
Hey Papa, Fuck you.

A suggestion for Stanislaus Roberts.

I think Stanley Roberts name in Spanish and Spanish slang is  Stanislaus Beto. I'm no expert tho-

Anyways,my suggestion is for Stanley to park his keister near Mission Boulevard near south Hayward. And Stanley can just listen to the cacophony of Motorcyle noise..many with exhaust that sound like no mufflers screaming down that busy road at double or triple the speed limit. One guy,has a bike so loud he sets off car alarms as he goes buy.He then revs it up to the point it backfires like M16 firecrackers.
Mostly though just tape those guys speeding down a regard for laws
I notice he does many Hayward storys being H-Town is a drive from SF.  But he wont find a more noisier area. Another reason are the full sides trucks with all noise pipes. Despite the lowering of quality of life,I've never heard any politician take action. Its seems a fineable offense that police could enforce.
I spend a lot of time in no Peasants Pleasanton. Everybody there can afford the largest and newest full sized truck or SUV.  None of them have tricked up exhausts. Nobody. I like that.

Bill Belichick kissing his daughter.

That photo of Bill not only mouth kissing his daughter,but almost without thinking his right hand looks ready to cup her left boob. Isn't that the daughter of his who made headlines 7-8 years ago posing topless on Tweet or some porn site ?
Is he into incest? Is that why his daughter acts out? He does seem like the controlling type that feel nobody is good enough but him for his daughter.
Wealthy coach-Wealthy actor (Woody Allen) those types aren't into regular love. It has to be kinky to get them up.
It happens.

Radnich daughter is a beauty...

He brought his teen daughter on KRON. She's like a mix of Angelina Jolie and Lisa Bonet. I notice his kids aren't all that comfortable being on air. Like most kids,they DONT want to follow in their dads footsteps. They want their own footsteps.
One thing though- I couldn't help but think of Radnich saying a few weeks ago "I like my woman white,or my woman black- nothing in between". His daughter is in between. She could be Puerto Rican like say, a Rose Perez.
I tell ya I'm going to laugh all day if I read that after decades of being groomed to marry a light skinned black man or a white guy,she falls in love with a Balinese man,or Korean! . Or Mexican!
Just have a belly laugh.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let's review the Gary Radnich career...

Back in the 70's he's told by KRON "We want another Fast Eddie Alexander type". "a off the wall giggly happy guy who says he loves everybody"..and then Radnich starts at KRON as a sweaty off the wall giggly happy type who loves everybody. I 'm sure though that Radnich will claim that he was smarter then the late Eddie,because "I'm still here and he's dead" something along those lines.
Radnich in the 70's does get divorced. Herb Caen the SF icon columnist reports that a Sportscaster in a green Jaguar has been cruising for hookers..some might not be woman. Radnich drives a green Jaguar. I wonder who it could be?

Then,in the 80's KNBR was then like a sophisticated talk radio station that now was ending its run. They then hired Radnich and the Razor,and soon learned that those hosts weren't going to create the same ratings..hence they splurged to buy up the Giants.Warriors and Cal and all the rest.

In the 90's Gary Radnich as a sportscaster stops attending games. That would only get worse as time goes by. Radnich also by the late 90's wants it known his wife is black,and that he loves hip hop. He also seems to be running through anybody who co- hosts. Its always their fault.
By the 2000's Radnich is a full fledged bully at KRON,with the total ego attitude going full blast. "Only talk to me if I talk to you" he says.
Radnich is now a joke to the local sportcasting club. He buys the toys that he thinks gives him class..a regular Rodney Dangerfield. At 65,he's doing the same jokes,the same fake laugh, everything the same everyday.

And that's what he's accomplished.

Monday, February 2, 2015

We know who the best living Super Bowl coach is now...

Brady or Montana? ferget that..its a matter of Belichick or Carrol. Thus we anoint B.B. as second greatest coach behind Bill Walsh.
That's what it came down to..the better coach,the coach who coached his OC not to be as stupid as the other teams OC. Carrol,had a Greg Roman brain cramp. You have to wonder how many times Seattle's coaches laughed at the 49ers season ending twice on the same bad fade pass. HA-ha-ha,they laughed. Roman is a nut they said. Sherman taunted the 49ers for those passes...

Seattle learned,Karma is a real high maintenance bitch.

Now,those players can sit in the rain sipping coffee up in the PNW. Its cold too....