Thursday, February 12, 2015

GARY RADNICH puts Pam Moore in her place.

Yesterday: Radnich was retelling one of same old tales and says to Pam Moore "I must have told this a few times". Pam Moore like the perfect enabler friend said "I dont mind,tell me. Then,tell me again in the break!"..Like she's his best friend in the world. Radnich then goes on " The KRON event we are having on Sunday" as he's talking the film shows Moore at this event. "Oh,there's Pam" sez Raddy "She only shows up at community charity events if there's a camera around" at that she gave him the evil glare-lol. Radnich seeing that,turns in the other direction "Grant,maybe you want to know more ".
After she fawned over his story- he gives her a kick in the ass!
I love reporting over shallow people and their ways.