Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Interesting insight into Radnich world today,read on...

Besides validating all I say about the guy..he said that KRON was putting him to work in Arizona-first time in years or decades- and then Raddy said something odd. "I'm bringing my son to Arizona,but I'm not taking him in to the clubhouse to meet the players" "I wont do that". He's having Marty Lurie take his son instead. Why? Is it because Giant players dislike Radnich that much? SO much he knows not to risk getting ribbed by them? Or?  Kate didn't ask.Larry Didn't ask  Hmm,what else could it be?
Besides that,I think he's paying back the money he stole from KRON in 2010,2012,and 2014 when he never as much as did one single report from ATT. 2014 I'm sure of..the other years are more in the "as I now think back".
Imagine being a sport director and bragging that you can cover the home team better at home watching on tv when the World Series is right across town. Unbelievable. So, Deb's Prez of KRON I think she is,seems to want him to do more then sit and chat for her quarter mill. Right she is.