Thursday, February 19, 2015

Krazy Jim Kozimor is at it again!

He never learns..that's whats krazy. His Pablo Potshots are right up there with "LeBron James is a loser" proclamation of three years ago or so. "Pablo is fat" sez Jim.
Pablo Sandoval has THREE World Series title rings so,as Kawakami and Ratto (again the same guests) pointed out- why even bring up Pablo's weight? Its insane to pick on the title and all star MVP- (a MVP year that gave the Giants home field that year btw),for something that adds up to school yard fatso slurs after his huge accomplishments. What more could he do? Wear a cape?.

Jim Cozimor wants to bring the golf clubhouse thinking to Yahoo. No matter where you find that,its always wrong.

You read the real reason Pablo left the Giants right here. I haven't heard a thing since to change what I know is the truth.