Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lets all move to Danville!..rub elbows with local celebs...

Over the years I heard that Duane Kuiper lives there (with his solar panels) Billy Beane lives in does Tori Campbell and her banker hubbie. Wondo lives in Dannyville too. And Greg Papa who no doubt is part of the majority Republican voters there. I know I've heard of others..I cant remember them all. Roberta Gonzales? Tony LaRussa? maybe. John Madden lives nearby in Pleasanton and Curry in Moraga. Ann Notorangleo and Julie Haener live there.
I've been there...sort of Oregon or Missouri in California wealthy. I'm sure dominated by HOA and why it looks all the same. Everybody's thin and blond. Nice people. I  mean,I would feel better walking at night there then in my own hood. Actually,LOTS better walking there.
Money cant solve everything,but it can sure solve stress...and people there are in bliss.

Me? I hit the lotto..I dont want to live where the summers are so hot as in the tri valley. I like Fremont..up in the low hills facing southwest for nice mild winters day. If I hit megalotto?..ferget norcals winters...I'm going to where the weather is always nice. Could be Hawaii,could be Guadalajara,could be Brisbane in Australia.
That would be nice.