Friday, February 20, 2015

Pam Moore on Selma? Is that a joke? SNL SPECIAL a late review...

She never honors MLK Day,as I have noted here. She even this year did as I predicted..showed up on MLK day,then took off a day later in the week. She has strong principles!..unless money is involved. And it always is isn't it? I guess she see's this as good for the scrapbook of her's. And that's about all.

The SNL was better then I thought it would be. Some sad- Chevy Chase has to be ill. He's bloated and his voice was weak. The contrast with his 1975 self was like another universe.
No Dennis Miller..ah HE should be the ill one that prick. If there was ever a whore comic,its Dennis Miller. No Jay Mohr aka Little Dennis.  I cant stand the guy. He's dragged down every talk show he's been on.

Ok. that's out of the way. But seeing all the GOOD parts was warm and fuzzy...I remember the advertising for a new show on the weekends in 1975..supposed to be hipper then 'Rock Concert' on  ABC. My first impression? An American Monty Python..what ch9 had started showing before SNL hit the air. It took awhile..I think what turned the corner? The Richard Pryor hosted show . I laughed until it hurt when he said "Dead Honky!"..the look on his face,the  Yeah,It sort of ripped off All in the Family..but that was THE episode that broke the show wide open.
At least I think that. And I'm still alive.