Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Papa and Lund are the cancer of local media.

They reach the all time low. I can hardly believe that Mark Davis and Ted Grigs feel no shame in having such a low life represent their teams and network. Damon Bruce said sports were for men,and all hell broke loose.  Greg Papa after doing a story on performing animal abuse to the point the animals was bleeding and needed a veterinarian,laughed.  And his answer to critics is to dig the hole (or in his case asshole) deeper.  That's what egotistical shallow people do . NOW,if Greg Papa was suspended or lost a job?..Ohhhh NOW they see how what they did as wrong.  Its right out of corporate asshole manual.
It shows how sports media can deal in millions maybe billions of dollars...and Greg Papa can live in that conservative idiots worlds.
I'm glad Fitzgerald took his job.  I hope Greg's other worst enemy (whoever it should be) takes his Raider job. The sooner the better.