Thursday, February 26, 2015

Radnich gets racist over Curry visiting our President of the United States.

Gary Radnich was so pissed off at Curry going to the White House that he wanted to curse so instead he did his code curse "We have to find a CHINK in Curry's armor" He was never going to call Curry a "Tom" as he likes to do. So he did a "Gary".  You see Radnich racist attitudes with African American's is to praise the stereotypes of A.A. dancers singers and basketball players,then hate the political African Americans who lean to the left.  You could tell,that Radnich had made up his mind hours early he wanted to say CHINK  because he hesitated by working up the bigot attitude on the word to go ahead with the plan.
Radnich has a real problem with Asians,he doesnt like the culture,he doesn't understand it. Like he says  "I like white woman,I like black woman,and nothing in between". It don't stop there.
One day on KRON he's going to blink,fall over and have a cardiac. I will then stand up and applaud.