Saturday, February 14, 2015

Radnich gives it to Pam More once again..and Steven Jackson.Plus updates

Again,after that putdown of her only doing charity events if there is a camera? came up again and Radnich in trying to prove he can say anything and his "friendship" with enabler Pam can survive it. What he does is tease her about shooting hoops and why? she said "I wanted to try a few,that's all"...after a pause as Raddy thinks of a "witty" comeback, he says "Two words, Brian and Williams" could hear the air leave the studio,as calling your lead anchor a liar probably isn't good form.
By the next sports segment...Radnich tried to get out of it all by telling the camera "I have a good heart,I might be a jerk sometimes,but my heart is good". Well,if you have to tell people all the time you have a good heart?..ya know. I also don't hear anybody around him offering that opinion. Ever. Just never comes out of their mouths. Unless of course he pins them down to say it. What can you do if your Krueger or Scott? be honest?..nah.
One more..Mike the producer said that Raddy always called former Warrior Steven Jackson "Little Cock". He didn't mean the chicken.
Somebody tweet that to SJ. I wonder what he thinks of Radnich naming his package?( as Justine would say -inside joke)
Pam Moore must have emotional problems to take the putdowns over and over and then say "give me more"  I say must,but I mean she does. I've heard and read enough of her to know. Radnich like a predator see's it. He will say anything at her expense for a laugh. Its like two selfish people make one big nightly wreck.
I think its interesting that the Radnich views also about people "If you've never raised a family..." And as he's saying that Pam Moore and Kate Scott have to hear how abnormal they must be.

Radnich said the other day "If I don't bother you,then don't bother me".
He bothers me.
It bothers me too,that Executives- conservative politically- have him on air from morning to late at night on TV and radio. That's a lot of spouting of  Radnich stupidity bothering me. It bothers me he hates Asians,and there are Asian car manufactureres who sponsor him. Sponsor the man who puts down those little Asian cars!.
That bothers me too.