Thursday, February 26, 2015

Radnich says BayAreaSportsGuy a tool for KNBR. + more!

You heard him. "We had a PD who used bayareasportsguy for leaks".  And that backs up what I have said about that fake. He takes freebies because they aint free. He knows who to keep quiet about to get those freebies. Although it was funny to see Radnich acting at his most sincere best when early on he claimed "Who's Steve Berman and bayareasportsguy?" That was before he admitted the "Leaks" story. Liars can never get it straight-lol.
I get a lot of cross readers from that blog. So now you know how yet another from the crayon of the same color made it in local sports talk. The other colors are like brand new,no matter how old they are. Think about that for awhile.

 ADDED:See? basg hasn't said a DAMN THING!..quiet. Since when does he not RUN to his blog to post about Radnich has to say about him? this time! They all deserve each other.