Friday, February 13, 2015

Tim Kawakami dismantles Krazy Jim Kozimor.

The discussion was about the Chicago LL team caught cheating. Then Jim Korzimor gets weird..he starts talking like those 12 years old were criminals. He said "They disgraced the name of  Jackie Robinson" to that Kawakami and Ratto both said- "They are kids,it was the adults who coveted them,put them on the team". Krazy Jim went on "But Jackie Robinson is sacrosanct ,they dragged his name in the mud"  Kawakami said "Who dragged his name in the mud- they are kids on a team with his name. Jackie Robinson has nothing to do with it AND I can't believe you've even taken the conversation there"...Kozimor looks at Kawakami and says "You don't think those kids knew??" "Wahh?? What do you want Jim,to put them in jail?!"said Kawakami. Kozimor never once blamed the adults. He wanted to kick around the 12 year olds...TWELVE!
Kozimor is like that other nutty conservative George Will. He wraps himself in the flag and wants to  punish kids for playing baseball.
Wrap yourself it Jim- then leap off a slightly deep cliff. It will cushion the hurt-lol.