Thursday, February 26, 2015

Too much Woopi Goldberg on the View

I know she's the oldest,the richest,the most famous on the View. She fought to take over when Barbara Walters  left. BUT!,  man,she's gotten overbearing,smothering the show. That's what happens when you've been wealthy and famous for so long you take it as always being right. Always being right in a group of 4 or 5 isn't a good look.  And now that she parlayed her back into a throne of a chair (that will never go away no matter that she's healed and the show is only 45 minutes minus commercials. No,that's a prop that's staying-lol)Her ridiculous clothing has to be embarrassing to the others. Or the garish display of jewelry. Its not enough she wears rings..she's like Mad Max 3000 with weird finger shields,and hanging pendants. Woopi is like the anti humble God.
Her Bill Cosby defense? Amazing that she laughed at Beverley Johnson who said she was drugged by the mass rapist. If Woopi didn't play the "I'm black,so I can laugh at her" card,then I don't know what is. Despicable. I'm sure any others on the showed would have been fired for laughing on air at a rape story by the victim.