Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who's Jed kidding?

Look,he's got an issue with getting respect from those who know much more then he. Tomsula? or is it Tom Cable?..eh,,whats the difference? Jed hired who will make Jed seem presidential. I blame his mom. "Jed" what the hell kind of name is that for a rich kid?..er,unless its Clampett.   Its like his mom guessed on what will be the next "Troy" or "Tyler" 35 years ago,and boy did she guess wrong.
And,Jed is scaring people because he's making the same mistake over and over..none of that learning stuff. No,he's even saying the same things "Searching the world". Heard that. "We have a system" heard that too.
I mean,luck is trying to help Jed. Harbaugh signed on even though Jed low balled him compared to what the Dolphins had offered. .He could have had Fangio take over for a handshake this time. Jed blew that . Instead he went out and got something called a Prog Marottee. I think its a software. Maybe Windows 2000 package?
8-8 next year is a high water mark. Seeing the 49ers go from a high level back to 2000 is going to hurt. Bad.