Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Denise Huskins too blond to charge?

HA!,Kidnapped overnight in the bay area and let go at her fathers house in southern California!..What great kidnappers.
Her family lawyers are terrible actors. They look like SNL comics who can barely keep a straight face in a hilarious skit.
15 page email from kidnappers?..LOL,  I'm busting a gut. $8,500 ransom lol,the remainder on her BF's BMW I bet- hee. He's behind in payments. Or,she needs money for her drug addiction.

I wrote on this blog..heaven and Earth is moved if a pretty blond is kidnapped. Remember?

It now looks to me that she is too pretty to punish. No charges,no arrests.

Radnich already hates Tweetism.

I knew he would. He knew he would,I'm sure of that. KRON's new pres wants her moneys worth out of him,not " Sports Director Emeritus semi retired" to just show up and say "We lost".then, go home. No,she wanted him to get with the program naturally enough.
Radnich knew that Tweeting for him would be daily abuse and blocking. I said before he even admitted it,KRON would have somebody monitor his Tweet account and make the fast deletes.
Let me explain. Radnich a few years ago decided he wanted to be controversial. He thought boost his career. So,he began bringing in politics,stir it up opinions like he roots for the Dodgers or that Dodger blue is a nice color. Things he wouldn't have said early on in his career. Sure, back then some people would write letters if he got under their skin..so what? toss them in the trash. Email? delete them. BUT!...social media's creation meant OTHERS could see what others were telling him. That meant we could all see the rain of rants pouring in. He cant even mention Tweeting without getting jumpy on KRON.  Its like payback for poking the bear with a stick that Radnich had done.
Just the other day,KRON was showing old films of him doing sports. Pam Moore said on air "You seem so much calmer then".  That was pre the idea of sports shock jock getting in his head. Then,he was like Eddie Alexander..harmless off the wall. Eddie didn't go after the President or Speaker of the house if you get me.
Pam Moore is right,Radnich sometimes seems like a nervous wreck trying to please some unknown dictator with a boffo performance at 6:45,8:45,and 11:20.
Radnich Tweeting?. I bet no links to humanitarian causes -lol.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Claudine and Rosemary disrespect FOX news and "the couch".

They wore pants. Rupert will not be happy to get reports of his San Francisco (Oakland,of course) branch not following the code.
And blond highlights are non existent. Nope,by not following dogma Rupert can just see the dollar bills changing the channel. Not a happy Aussie.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bring back "Give me some skin,Jim".

As a little one,that was the hip greeting. Say it and then pass palms over the other guy. Cool,man.  I miss that.
Let's start it up again. Let it sweep the world. Yeah,that would be cool.

Notre Dame chokes.

wow- You could see the neck tighten,the arms got shorter-lol. Had it in the bag and blew it.
At the very least Notre Dame is better then all the other religious schools. Way better then the University of El Kaida.
Not the terrorist group.The Tijuana online school.

The A's need to put names on uniforms- away and home.

I'm watching the spring training game- who are they?  One new player didn't even have a number-- he had what looked like a Triangle- the same as you see on recycle bottles. What was that all about?  Ike somebody. I didn't know anybody was named Ike anymore either and,he's not black!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stan reveals the big secret ingredient of Coca Cola..

Remember I wrote the my local ghettobarrio market Food Source seems to sell the stuff that doesn't come out right- like stinky Cheezits or Moca Mix that taste no creamier then plain milk? Rejects packaged as new and then sold on sale so you cant complain too much since you got it half off?
Well,I go in and in that vein,I just buy a plain old plastic bottle liter of Coca Cola. Nothing special. I get home and pour a glass...and its the best Coca Cola I ever had!..strong flavoring. How strong? You could taste the Cinnamon they put in it. It might as well have been called Cinnamon Cola. It was delicious.
I returned a few days later,buy another bottle. Back to plain Coke. Ah,I thought-hoped- it might not be a fluke. It was a fluke.
I wonder if I added my own cinnamon?...

Pancit = Fideos

If you add tomato sauce to the Filipino dish,Pancit, you pretty much get the Mexican Fideo's. If you like Pancit like I do,add tomato sauce for something different.

Read this blog today,if your name is A-M,read at 9am tomorrow if N-Z.

My number one hated commercial. "Free" clinical trial is about as free as Raddy's high interest rate on his used car. I dive for the remote when it comes on, to hit mute. I'm a great diver now.

Another just as bad? "Turnaround"..I pretty much hate that song now. It needed to stay in the elevator where it belonged the last few decades.

Give me a blond and a talking dog any day.

Darya takes a deep plunge today.

Between contemplating the nature of the Universe,I check out local naughty anchorwoman. Darya today had a big deep revealing orbs dress on. KRONS closeup policy really drove that home. Yeah sure,she had some bands as "cover"...but it was easy to see all.
If KRON was a porn site,Darya would be the still picture of "Mature", also "MILF". "Mother In Law". "Office" and of course "Anchorwoman".

I might die one day. But,still alive today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

KGO's Janet -O.

Janet O? Is that her real name? Never saw a true one letter last name. Karen O of the ya ya's. Stage name.
Janet O. Huh.

Top Gear host sacked...

It was a matter of time. Three hosts ego's had swelled to planetoid proportions.  With Clarkson and Hammer, they were like the racist relative who never learns and when they do apologize they stick to "what did I say"?.
Never could figure out why they sank to racist humor. All three would tell you their education and pedigree,but had no idea what they say and do, crosses a line?
I guess the Chef guy with the hair implants is next...

Thanks MC phoc for the Claudine racy pic.

I have so much virus/firewall/plugins,I cant even post one response of mine on my blog now.  And if I knew how to put his photo on the blog,oh..I would!  I might try again later for getting the photo on. She looks great in red and mini.
I guess other readers can clink on his link. I recommend it!
The other day? Roberta had a tight top on...and it was chilly in the studio IF, you get my drift,and I think you do. I find them desirable- whats wrong with that?-lol.

That pic/link is on the "skirts getting shorter at ktvu" topic.

btw I laugh at woman who roll their eyes and say how creepy we are. As they talk with plunging necklines,short skirts,or near see through tops. Not too mention they were hired to start with because of looks.
They want to be seen. So ,I look!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radnich to return to TV in two weeks.

I heard that in the few minutes I had it on. You know what? Just hearing him on KRON TV he was starting to sound almost likeable. Like the old days.

Radio? I swear I couldn't tell you what he talked about today. Had the volume low because every other minute they are playing the off key kar's for brats commercials. btw- I heard that the whole kars4kids organization is for a religious school in Israel. Klever.

So,its the combo of Comcast and his radio show that have created his sheltered world of "You suck,Radnich" because of  his flamer opinions. Didn't he say something about liking Dodger blue? Flaming man,flaming.
No wonder he skipped the World Series all three years.

One more on KTVU skirts..

I found I had recorded a weekend ktvu morning newscast. It was Super Bowl Sunday. Claudine had a skirt on that made her resemble a body wrapped in a rug by mafia hitmen. Long in other words.
And then last week. Uhuh.
The couch and FOX will not be denied!

Ted Cruz = Adolpho Hitlerez.

Scary this man is running for president in the 21st century. I thought we had evolved past that.You would have thought by now the ring wing extremists would be shunned. But thanks to Texas and the evil Bush family,he's spouting off. Cruz reminds me of an old saying I made up "You can educate some people,but you cant make them smart" pat.pen.
Whats wrong with us? That the villain personality in every movie gets elected in real life?
One more thing about Cruz. In business,that hardcore make money,"I don't care about collateral damage" personality will enjoy a lifetime of steady jobs. Liberal? As soon as your views get out of the coffee room,they want you out.

Eating and getting older...

I'm going to make a hamburger..with broccoli on the side. Hey,I need to get more greenery in me to keep the insides flowing smooth.
Funny,as a kid to 20's I never liked Broccoli. Or Spinach (I remember feeling so disappointed that Popeye food didn't taste good!) or Cauliflower...Avocado. Asparagus is now a luxury..I hated it then.
I even find myself- sometimes- eating a meal with just water as my beverage. Hard to imagine the young me doing that. As in never.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skirts getting shorter on KTVU2. I knew they would.

Anytime FOX has hot woman..they better be proud to show themselves. "The couch" on 2 is supposed to give the weekend working guy some eye candy to stay tuned in.
Now,even though I'm sure they are asked in a modest way- they better try. That's FOX.
Today,I see Claudine Wong in a mini. The only problem? Claudine knows what male viewers are looking at. So,she scoots so close to the edge of "the couch" she nearly has her knees under the coffee table. And her mannerisms? Let's just say she looks like somebody on their first visit to a nudist colony as she walks around nervous covering her private parts.

But,she better get used to it. Like Radnich actually being told he had to do locker room interviews for the first time since the early Barry Bond's era,things are changing locally.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who has sold you more, Blondes or talking Dogs?

It came to me..in a lifetime of commercial watching,I don't think anything tops the blond or Dogs. Plain dogs,cartoon dogs,talking dogs selling everything. Blondes too. How many jet black haired Asian woman try to sell something that wasn't Asian in national ads? And,even she knows Dogs love bacon.
Every milf,soccer mom and trophy on TV are blonde. What gets me? even the nerdy blonds that you are supposed to laugh at (usually the mouse secretary) if you look close,and take off her horn rimmed glasses,and put up hair, is actually a young trim attractive woman. And she's blond.

Dogs,sell insurance, Gasoline, anything. A wide appeal- to you or the kids. McGruff- Lassie- Taco Bell Chihuahua. Tip of the iceberg.

The key to life? Get a blonde and a dog. He doesn't have to be blonde.

No violins in Rock anymore...

I was watching Starsky and Hutch with them at a Disco. Violins and crashing cymbals blasting to the dance floor. Later I'm driving and put on kfox I think it was. I hear violins on one slow song. I put it on 103.7 I hear more violins and orchestra music mixed with rock and roll. I can remember when ELO thought they were from the far future with there minor opus songs. It was so hip. Although the Beatles had done it early. "The Long and Winding Road" as best example. And most of that was Phil Spector deviousness-lol.

So, It came to me..Violins are out. What was a staple for near 40 -45 years is almost never heard.

Don't give me Mumford and Sons fiddle music.I'm talking the real deal like 'Fly Robin Fly"!

Violins are like the Organ, archaic. The Piano is hanging in there though.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stan drops Jimmy F. for Jimmy K.

I did it,took the Tonight show off of "record series" and set it to Jimmy Kimmel Live.
I couldn't take Fallons giggles,mumbling and featherweight political jabs anymore. This is how I see it:
If you love Glee and Taylor Swift...yer a Fallon.
If you like Bullwinkle cartoons,you are a Conan.
If you like dark inner demons,you a Letterman.

And if you like that funny friend of yours from way back. You be a Kimmel.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Soundgarden on SNL in 1996.

I caught that the other night. That's it. THAT was the last year Rock was great. 1996.

They did one of their great songs and I kind of zoned out in a good way. Almost 20 years have gone by. Time wise,a blip...uh but I dont look like I did 20 years ago. Anyways...Soundgarden. A great band.

Why can't we have weather people who like weather?

I haven't seen a single one apply any passion to weather. Not one seems to have a growing garden,or any background in native plants and animals. Whats my beef?  They dont seem to get it..its the bay area. Don't give me generic "microclimate". NO!  I want somebody who realizes that those cool airport temperatures they give for the cities in the bay area are way off.  Maybe 10-15f cooler to where the people live. Nobody lives at the airport!
Most cities near the bay run from mudflats to mountains..you never hear what the temperature is in the Oakland-Fremont hills are. How much warmer nights can be 1,000 above the bay since hot air rises. I'm sure you knew that.
I mean c'mon,does one weather guy/gal know anything about gardens? Damn not since Henry Tannenbaum has the news showed up at local botanical gardens,peoples yards...SOMETHING!
Give me weather, with interest.
Oh,damn the winery reports. Who owns a winery?

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Bat Kid Movie- sounds great.

To end on a cute note.... That kid always makes me laugh. He just needs a Bat Dog.

Raddy and Wife..put on a good act.

I know,you say,look at who you rip- He's always upbeat and happy,and his wife ,blah ,blah,blah. Well,couples who flaunt there wealth and say how much they love each other in public are a dime a dozen and pretty much what else are they going to say? You could just as easily be right if you thought every one of those kissy kiss things they say is in reality just the opposite behind closed doors. Putting on the dog is old as the hills.
With her OCD,he's probably learned not to even touch her unless he says what  he touched the last hour. And wash his hands.
That would fit why she didn't like his pulling her last month. Everybody caught that. Life is not what wish it was.
Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney are right now down in the dumps with a bottle of vodka: "I fucking have $100 bills for wiping me ass,I have woman one quarter my age want me, and I'M STILL 80 FUCKING YEAR OLD!.
Yep,you can't always get what you want.

There probably is no God.

First- I listen to Christian music sometimes. As I get older,I like the whole brings me back to a kid and religious school feelings. When I truly believed all the miracles. And,kind of funny..those songs are like Christmas all year.
But I'm not deeply religious. I understand there is a great chance I will die and end up some science project,then tossed away. Oh,you think rotting in ground is better? Or..incinerated? Fine.
So,anyways I was thinking today....

A God wouldn't let a 12 day old baby be thrown in a river. Or let little animals who never hurt anybody killed by sicko's.
What I wrote about science saying there are other Universes- they say have to be? I hope there is one that  doesn't operate on the large eat the small principle. What a evil way to exist.
 One without the large eating the small would be a better natural order.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Killion,Berman,Brooks...the Ugly Americans.

THEY are why the term was invented. Hearing them go on how Pablo should be happy and say nothing because they decided the Giants did enough. Good for them .I decided Killion has gotten pudgy with a double chin and I decided if she's so loyal why did she leave Comcast after leaving the Chronicle? For more money? or because it was better for her?  And for Ann and Gary Radnich to call out Pablo Sandoval the pro athlete as fat or fat ass..look in the mirror. No,wait,look at the scale.
Berman..you can almost see his wheels tell him "Laugh at the unfunny joke Ann just made"...then ha-ha. "Must keep smiling" like his life depended on it.
Rod Brooks? Rod will say anything the company wants him to say. I wonder how he can just sit there and let Radnich call other blacks "Toms"? Rod never says a thing. Especially when Radnich gets done describing what a Tom is. Figure that one out.

SF Gate. Why bother?

SO much of what you want to read is blocked. The Gate also has so many info gathering websites collecting info you need a filter or your PC will freeze. Half of those info gatherers are owned by the Chronicle.
Once you get past that..navigation is terrible. Sports? you have to type Sports or go to Google and bookmark that site. The front of the web page lists almost nothing. Bizarre.
When you finally get to the writer or columnists..the story is so short it might as well be a Tweet. Somebody convinced somebody this is the future,and pay me for the design. To the bank they went laughing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pablo took less money.Beltran took less money. Who has complaints about the Giants?

You think they took less money for no reason? Its so common sense,so reasonable to see the Giant dialogue with Latinos isn't working. I know fans are all ranting they don't care..But the Giants should care,the sports media should care,and the ignorance of the media on Yahoo has been stupendous. Its like they have no comprehension. Pablo came out and said it. THEY DENIED it on behalf of the Giants..not one privy to contract talks,but sure the Giants had no fault-lol. I believe Pablo before I would believe the Giants. Remember Lincecum's ridiculous "hamburger" weight gain propaganda?
I told you..Molina,Uribe,Beltran,Sandoval. Freddie Sanchez just gave up any comeback..I didn't see the Giants make any statement of sorry to see him go.
Compare to the A's..I hear no complaints about them from Latin players. Have you? I read A's news,if they did, I would know!

Military "night vision" goggles kill again. Idiot military.

How many have to die? You cant use night vision goggles to fly in the dark. 60minutes did a story years ago. And yet,more died in Florida yesterday as pilots were on a stupid training exercise at night with pea soup fog using those glasses.
If I know you can't use them, and 60 minute knows that. Why didn't the military?.and in fog. That's manslaughter.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jed building a dynasty..and Tomsula does Baalke voice.

You notice today Tomsula had the same raspy voice as Trent?  Can things get weirder in 49er land?
The 49ers..What would it sound like to call them a great team and first level Super Bowl contender? A joke. For a team that was top tier threes years in a row. I'm telling you all,Jed is making all the wrong moves. I also told you long ago that Jed got dumb luck to even sign Harbaugh. Jed low balled Jim and Harbaugh wanted to be a success for a former Bill Walsh team he could taste it.
A few years of Yorks changed him.
This year will be just loss here,loss there "I need to study the tape", and if you think CK was surly after 8-8 just wait until the "worst game of his career" happens five or six times next year. Smoke will pour out of his ears and nose.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yahoo sports@5 is now an embarrassment.

I'm watching the panel agree 100% that Pablo doesn't have the right to speak up. LOL!..he's not being a stooge like the Yahoo panel always is. Have you noticed they have no "other side"?  If you speak up..you don't come back. And Yahoo invite somebody like me? Ted Griggs would have to censor the truth. It would look like I'm a mime. Oh,and let me tell you- the other panelists will never proves me wrong,they will just rolls eyes in a superior condescending attitude. That's the usual with those types.
Also,since Pablo is a blatino..where is Amare Pi Gonzalez? Don't you think the long time A's baseball announcer might have some insight? I've never seen the decades long Spanish announcer give his opinion. German descent John Middlekoff? yes- HE, they ask-LOL.

Yeah Yahoo panel continue be play along stooges. Like that idiot Steve Moscowitz. I wouldn't hire him to defend Jesus if he returns. Moscowitz would tell him "You don't have the skills or degree needed"  "Turning fish into bread,blood into wine? Not a demand"..right? Steve as a civil rights attorney is an oxymoron .

Did the Giants disrespect for Latino's cost them Zack Wheeler?

Like everybody else- Wheeler for Carlos Beltran seemed like a great trade. Looking back,Beltran never seemed to fit in with the Giant way. Then,he left asap when the season ended.
I know 3 World Series meant Sabean was smartest guy in class. But,that doesn't mean he has class. At least in relating to his Latin ballplayers.

Stan proven right about Pablo Sandoval. The ONLY bay area media person to get it.

I told you. Pablo left and he left because the Giants had a double standard for the Latino players like Pablo and the non Latino Huffs,Ross's,Lincecum's,Cain's,Zito's and a few more.  I told you.   I could see it plain as day. Uribe was MVP..."Don't let the door hit you on the ass", said the Giants the next year. Huff? couldn't throw enough money at him. And the excuses for Lincecum,Zito, Rowan, almost CIA like as put out there by the Giants.
Uriba,Molina, Pablo..even whats his name who threw the no hitter? local writers called him a head case. Zito?..hush. Or,"I admire how bad he is but man,he still holds his up high"..right? Isn't that what they said about Zeets?. You know it.
Its rampant in the Giant organization. Its why Larry Baer had no problems with Larry Krueger returning to KNBR after he ripped the Latin culture. Yeah,let a Giant KNBR announcer just once talk of "the Jews" this,""The Jews" that in anger. Lets see Larry welcome him to the clubhouse-lol. Uhuh.
Larry Baer is an asshole and racist. Probably Sabean too. Well,as much as they can be and still field a team. They might not be the only pro teams in sports with that attitude..wink,wink.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Family turns down $500,000 for "Hulk" the pitbull.

You have to really love your puppy OR see that you might have the next "Grumpy Cat". Uh-huh,lol. Hulk is a goldmine.
That's good. Maybe breed them up to 370 pounds. You could outrun that running backwards and drinking a Slurpee. A dog that big would be winded after the second step on the porch. That would a be a Pitbull for society.
btw,he's 175 pounds. The offer was an incredible half a mill. I would be sweaty about turning that down. IF the dog met his demise early?...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Conan in Cuba..

Why do I bring this up?  Because the Cubanos like most of the third world hates western hipster humor. To them,it either sounds nonsensical "Chickens don't think why they cross the road. Why? is that a joke?" OR,they are insulted. "You spit out the seltzer water on my floor?"..and explaining why just makes them angry like its just a stupid waste of what they have little of.
Third world people don't think like western culture. Sure,when they get here the kids love Pizza and being a smart ass. As long as they study to be a Doctor parents just put up with it here.
So!..I'm watching Conan,but digging how his being cutesy would get the girls here giggly..but there its just wasting their time. Charmed?No,they were repulsed. Conan's fame and money would eventually get known..just what all woman want. But,if he thinks as a nobody he can charm with American college funny stuff...forget it.
One more thing about the third world. They aren't sentimental. Some- or at least much less then here- don't even have photographs of deceased relatives. Nick Nack belongings? If they are useful,they might keep them. But that special memento? Into the trash. For all the talk of the importance of family- and it is VERY important to them,objects aren't cherished like us Americans. It might be too,they move much more often in a life time then here. Stuff,is a burden when you don't have a garage,barn, attics,and extra bedrooms.

Discovery Channel kills. Blood on their hands.

I knew it. I knew that their promoting of  peeling rubber,loud donuts,and speeding down streets along with these new ultra loud exhausts just to annoy those who wont stare at  "me in my car" would KILL.  In Los Angeles one of Discovery Channels shows of how to break the law by racing down streets resulted in a death. You read about it and its strange on a few levels. The promoter who says he didn't promote it was arrested and charged with murder. Now as a quick aside...Bruce Jenner who without a doubts bad driving, killed. He was not arrested even when photos of him driving down the street yakking on a cell phone had mockery of justice all over it. The accused and supposed promoter is in prison. Jenner is at the beauty salon. Explain that.
BUT!..the fact that reality TV is involved and yet another Discovery Channel show of illegal activities hasn't resulted in any arrests of TV executives. Or even Richard Rawlings. He exceeds the speed limit and does illegal acts of speed every week.

A few years ago an Asian man was arrested for trying to take over Discovery Channels offices in New York. He said the channel that had been a nature channel years ago had now sold out to corporations. He was arrested too. The news media of course made him out as a nut for caring about what topics the DC sent to the world.
I think that man is laughing as in he who laughs best who laughs last.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ellen Pao "I slept with them to get ahead,and it didn't work- I'm suing!"

Maybe when they pressured her,Maybe the first time...but she got it on with men and I swore I read one female exec a few months ago.
She's smart and angry that she's pretty and isn't going ahead like the blond girls always do. THAT,she should have sued for.

Michelle Apon..thinnest waist in bay area broadcasting history..

The new part time weather woman (not a meteorologist I notice) has a waist so thin you cant take your eyes off of it. The whole broadcast you see it.  She wore a skirt that I swear was so narrow,my head and neck are bigger around. My T-shirt's collar is bigger.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Put Shug Night and Bruce Jenner in the same cell. Forever.

One would get what he deserves after a lifetime of criminal worshiping,wannabe,and petty crimes. Jenner? Its a tragedy that the talk is he wont be charged as a killer. No,they say that he might simply get a ticket "for following too close" Do I really have to write you and I ? etc,etc, We would already be forgetting what its like to be free by now. Jenner? flaunts his Teflon fame and wealth. The long arm of the law is as long as Jenners ponytail.
Shug Night,wasn't he in Pulp Fiction?..hee.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Radnich and Moore re write history on Janice Huff.

It was said years ago she was chased around the newsroom and pressured by Radnich. Today,as the only two still here, Raddy enabler Pam Moore played it like Janice and also Emerald (Asian!) Yeah were great old friends. I haven't seen Emerald in years. Somebody look under the Radnich home...
I didn't seen any old clips of Pam Moore. I wonder why? hmmm lol. What would we notice has changed about her?..hee.

KRON spending a lot of time in my hood.

I told you- its rough around here. Home prices go up,and somehow the residents begat kids who don't value education,don't value respect for their elders,they buy into the culture of "If I want it,I will take it"..and I have had confrontations with those dopes. Dopes being dopy selling dope. KRON 4 especially seems to have done extra reporting around here of shootings,murder and all manner of bad things. I see homes I see all the time behind that police tape on KRON news. Something about this place..even the RailRoad tracks are lethal being right behind Jr. and senior High Schools.
I've lived around here forever...more people,more apartment people ( with a steady supply of parked police cars settling yet another argument) who come and go. I'm hoping its like a last flash before semi- gentrification takes over.
Damn,right next to a Golf Course and beautiful green open hills. I'm right on the edge of it all.
No wonder I'm so worldly.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Stan hits 60,000 views!

Man,that's nice. You know, 60 thou tell another 60 thou maybe 10 or 20 times about what I wrote and pretty soon you have,like, A billion people having Stan wisdom.
Ok,maybe some guys pottery blog gets more views. SO what? I'm in the 5th largest market in the country,I know from veiled references by media types they read what I write( and now that my blog is UNFROZEN I feel unleashed!) and that's gratifying too. I know what they say about me..but its not that I'm wrong,because I AM right.  THAT they avoid.
Call me Rasputin or Rumpelstiltskin,I don't care....as long as you admit I was right.

Iguadala,Bogut,McFadden,Vernon Davis,Matt Cain.

Iguadala has been a let down. I expected more..we all did. That weird thing of admitting he was more interested in making Klay Thompsons stats better over the team winning? I ain't forgot it.
Bogut?..he's not dedicated. Not all athletes can be all athlete all the time. Few feel like everyday is to be appreciated. Bogut too often resembles Andres Beidrens. No fighting for anything...block a shot if you stand too close but he's not chasing anybody down. Again- Andres Beidren once said he had made enough money to last his grandchildren in Latvia or wherever he's from. A billboard of no motivation. Then,Bogut said something similar when he was getting heat for missing games "I got a job where they push millions on me just for being 7'". Not a tear jerker inspirational thought there huh? Yeah,the Big Eucalypt hasn't done anything ferocious in the NBA that I saw. He and Iggy? In Curry they trust.
Vernon Davis, Man,he's got to go. He's the 49er's Raiders Randy Moss. I saw with my own eyes Davis let balls just bounce off  him, or sail away from hands not outstretched. I have no idea how he could ask for more money..I have no idea how he avoided getting his ass reamed by Jed or Harbaugh to the world. He does look softer then the Vernon Davis rescued by Daddy Singlelary..off the roids or the heavy load he had been on. For a while he looked like Flojo. He's now passive. Be passive elsewhere, kid.

McFadden,the Raiders great slacker...every illness he claimed,I would read of other athletes playing just fine with. McFadden sat out a year with planis fasciatus? LeBron James played a whole NBA schedule with that. McFadden has plain lazyitis. The man has literally stolen millions from Oakland. And kids in Oakland go without schoolbooks to pay for the Raiders being here? How sweet all around is that? The American for all myself, in action.
Matt Cain..suckered the Giants for the big paycheck. He's one of the anglo angels that Ann Killion fawns over on the Giants... I'm sure the Giants had an idea of his elbow chips pre contract...but Cain I bet swore he was fine with the pain...then the ink dried on his contract. Medic!
Root root root for the home team is what I do.

SNL hip hopped the Shark?

Jesus H.Christ,what was that on Saturday? Everybody imitate the black man day? And make him sound badly spoken and a terrible influence on white youth..'cause that's all I heard with Dakota Johnson hosting. Be loud,have no self restraint,...that's what the writers think of all African Americans? Point fingers for no reason,then loudly say yo-yo-yo?. The whole fucking 90 minutes of right wing America in disguise as the old lefty SNL.
As far as the ISIS skit? If it had ended with the "going away" being the brown girls? People would have laughed. But a pretty..you know..and all hell broke loose. Same old story.
If this is the new SNL...a sort of  "Live at the Apollo on SNL!"..only much less funny,its not going to make it to a 50th year.
What a strangely ongoing 90 minute one sketch show...

The Universe is infinite?

The  latest on the science front says that there was no big bang from nothingness,but a big bang from some system that has always existed. I would guess it proves that time is infinite and one way always. SO much for going into the past. From the internet articles..nothing about what the future of the Universe other then one that says it expands to about absolute nothingness in trillions of years from now. I'm not seeing any mention of heaven or reincarnation or parallel universes. I was sort of hoping that the "you always exists someplace" would be true. If in some other time or universe,I didn't care. NOW? it might be our whole universe exists like a sparkler in a giant room. Each spark represents a universe...and just as each fades away to nothingness,nothing is recorded,stored. Its like it never existed. No matter how much we wish otherwise..the Universe could be that campfire spark from a million years ago. All traces gone. Sure,the subatomic particles might have crossed over to the surrounding dimensions..what difference does it make? It wont be us.

They were really building a good case for eternal existence for a while there. Now with this,we could be back to common sense. You either exist or you don't..and don't will last forever.

hey,I got the blog really going. I did some fancy computer work to get out of the freezing conditions-lol

BayAreaSportsGuy wont answer Radnich claims. SO now you know its true.

The second worst thing a writer can be is dishonest. The worst? Being caught being dishonest. Radnich revealed all those blows to D.Bruce when he was at KNBR or later too,I guess, and other enemy's of KNBR state were plants on bayareasportsguy. Read his blog...even questions about what Radnich said are either not asked or quickly deleted. You decide.
What a slap in the face from Raddy..and yet Steve Berman wont say a thing on his blog. Its why he was silent on the truly disgusting week of Greg Papa degeneracy and animal abuse humor.
That explains why "theguy" is now as credentialed as Gary Radnich.
Oh well,they all have me to always remember.

Radnich posts photo wearing no pants...testing the waters.

Yeah,sure he's being funny. Look,he's the guy who used to get a thrill fondling KRON anchor woman before the new President in charge ended that. So,now its Gary in his shorts. Who's he kidding? He's waiting to see somebody attractive post something he wants to hear. Maybe,in the future send her or him "special" photos.
You'll see.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tim Kawakami writes 19,000th identical Billy Beane article.

"System" "Financial constraints" "Need a new Stadium" "Contender"  "Must trade stars away". I think Tim writes them for 8 year old's who cant remember that he wrote the same thing when they were 5. Otherwise,what's the point? Be a regular Beane apologist regularly?  Kawakami dismisses the A's lack of stars..like fans mean nothing. He dismisses the horrid playoff record because they were in the playoffs is good enough. For him,yes. For me, no!