Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Radnich already hates Tweetism.

I knew he would. He knew he would,I'm sure of that. KRON's new pres wants her moneys worth out of him,not " Sports Director Emeritus semi retired" to just show up and say "We lost".then, go home. No,she wanted him to get with the program naturally enough.
Radnich knew that Tweeting for him would be daily abuse and blocking. I said before he even admitted it,KRON would have somebody monitor his Tweet account and make the fast deletes.
Let me explain. Radnich a few years ago decided he wanted to be controversial. He thought boost his career. So,he began bringing in politics,stir it up opinions like he roots for the Dodgers or that Dodger blue is a nice color. Things he wouldn't have said early on in his career. Sure, back then some people would write letters if he got under their skin..so what? toss them in the trash. Email? delete them. BUT!...social media's creation meant OTHERS could see what others were telling him. That meant we could all see the rain of rants pouring in. He cant even mention Tweeting without getting jumpy on KRON.  Its like payback for poking the bear with a stick that Radnich had done.
Just the other day,KRON was showing old films of him doing sports. Pam Moore said on air "You seem so much calmer then".  That was pre the idea of sports shock jock getting in his head. Then,he was like Eddie Alexander..harmless off the wall. Eddie didn't go after the President or Speaker of the house if you get me.
Pam Moore is right,Radnich sometimes seems like a nervous wreck trying to please some unknown dictator with a boffo performance at 6:45,8:45,and 11:20.
Radnich Tweeting?. I bet no links to humanitarian causes -lol.