Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radnich to return to TV in two weeks.

I heard that in the few minutes I had it on. You know what? Just hearing him on KRON TV he was starting to sound almost likeable. Like the old days.

Radio? I swear I couldn't tell you what he talked about today. Had the volume low because every other minute they are playing the off key kar's for brats commercials. btw- I heard that the whole kars4kids organization is for a religious school in Israel. Klever.

So,its the combo of Comcast and his radio show that have created his sheltered world of "You suck,Radnich" because of  his flamer opinions. Didn't he say something about liking Dodger blue? Flaming man,flaming.
No wonder he skipped the World Series all three years.