Saturday, March 21, 2015

Skirts getting shorter on KTVU2. I knew they would.

Anytime FOX has hot woman..they better be proud to show themselves. "The couch" on 2 is supposed to give the weekend working guy some eye candy to stay tuned in.
Now,even though I'm sure they are asked in a modest way- they better try. That's FOX.
Today,I see Claudine Wong in a mini. The only problem? Claudine knows what male viewers are looking at. So,she scoots so close to the edge of "the couch" she nearly has her knees under the coffee table. And her mannerisms? Let's just say she looks like somebody on their first visit to a nudist colony as she walks around nervous covering her private parts.

But,she better get used to it. Like Radnich actually being told he had to do locker room interviews for the first time since the early Barry Bond's era,things are changing locally.