Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stan reveals the big secret ingredient of Coca Cola..

Remember I wrote the my local ghettobarrio market Food Source seems to sell the stuff that doesn't come out right- like stinky Cheezits or Moca Mix that taste no creamier then plain milk? Rejects packaged as new and then sold on sale so you cant complain too much since you got it half off?
Well,I go in and in that vein,I just buy a plain old plastic bottle liter of Coca Cola. Nothing special. I get home and pour a glass...and its the best Coca Cola I ever had!..strong flavoring. How strong? You could taste the Cinnamon they put in it. It might as well have been called Cinnamon Cola. It was delicious.
I returned a few days later,buy another bottle. Back to plain Coke. Ah,I thought-hoped- it might not be a fluke. It was a fluke.
I wonder if I added my own cinnamon?...