Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thanks MC phoc for the Claudine racy pic.

I have so much virus/firewall/plugins,I cant even post one response of mine on my blog now.  And if I knew how to put his photo on the blog,oh..I would!  I might try again later for getting the photo on. She looks great in red and mini.
I guess other readers can clink on his link. I recommend it!
The other day? Roberta had a tight top on...and it was chilly in the studio IF, you get my drift,and I think you do. I find them desirable- whats wrong with that?-lol.

That pic/link is on the "skirts getting shorter at ktvu" topic.

btw I laugh at woman who roll their eyes and say how creepy we are. As they talk with plunging necklines,short skirts,or near see through tops. Not too mention they were hired to start with because of looks.
They want to be seen. So ,I look!